Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thank G-d "My Terrorist" Was Shot Dead on The Spot

When I put "I'm so glad that the arab terrorist who ran me over was killed on the spot by some guys who were there with me" in my facebook status, people were surprised.  No, they weren't surprised at my sentiments about the terrorist's death, just that I survived a terror attack, or was it that I had been attacked.

Read the post about it from six and half years ago.  I had written the story a year before that, prior to my being a blogger, when I used to send out mailings periodically.

In short, I was run over over, ok, just my foot, by an Arab terrorist.  One woman was murdered and others were more seriously injured than yours truly.

The guys who executed the terrorist had legal problems as a result, but thank G-d it all worked out.  I'm glad the terrorist was shot dead.  That's what he deserved, and I think that's what he wanted or expected.

I have no doubt that most terrorists expect to die immediately.  Once they realize that they hadn't been killed, it's a different ball game.

Why should Israel be spending so much to keep murdering Arab terrorists alive, well, educated etc?  I wouldn't even give the families the bodies.  Why allow them to make a shrine of their graves?  OK, I guess that idea wouldn't be accepted, but there must be a better way....


Dawn Nussbaum said...

Holding convicted terrorists in jail just encourages hostage takings and prisoner exchanges like the one that's happening now. Prisons don't reform. The penal system in reality has two basic functions, to deter potential criminals and to protect innocent citizens. The death penalty for all convicted terrorists with blood on their hands would fulfill both functions better than setting 100s of murders free in deals with Hamas and Hezzbollah. If the innocent citizens manage to kill their attackers in self defence, so much the better. It saves the state the cost of a trial.

Keliata said...

Is there a death penalty in Israel?

I don't understand why these terrorists are not tried and sentenced to death.

If we were talking about Nazis who killed Jews during the Shoah everyone would (correctly) demand the death penalty.

Yet the terrorists receive college educations in Israeli jails.

Something is drasstically wrong not only with Israel but with the whole world.

I'm glad the terrorist who tried to kill you was shot on the spot, too.

Batya said...

Dawn, exactly. I agree with you.
Keli, yes, we usually agree.