Friday, October 14, 2011

A Bloody Bad Deal

Not for the first time, Caroline Glick hit it right in her very moving article about the terrible deal the Israeli Government made to free Gilad Shalit.
The lives of the victims of Arab terror were stolen from their families simply because they lived and were Jews in Israel. And in the cases of the Keinan, Peled, Alon and Eisenman families, as in thousands of others, the murderers were the direct and indirect beneficiaries of terrorists-for-hostages swaps like the deal that Yonatan Netanyahu's brother, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, made this week with Hamas to secure the release of Gilad Schalit.

The deal that Netanyahu has agreed to is signed with the blood of the past victims and future victims of the terrorists he is letting go. No amount of rationalization by Netanyahu, his cheerleaders in the demented mass media, and by the defeatist, apparently incompetent heads of the Shin Bet, Mossad and IDF can dent the facts.

IT IS a statistical certainty that the release of 1,027 terrorists for Schalit will lead to the murder of untold numbers of Israelis. It has happened every single time that these blood ransoms have been paid. It will happen now.

What makes Gilad Shalit more valuable than the victims of Arab terrorism pictured in the montage above?

The Arab terrorist organizations have already pledged to kidnap more IDF soldiers, especially since the terrorists achieved most of their goals at very little cost or effort.

This new "deal" will only endanger Israel, its civilians and soldiers.  Gilad Shalit will be sent home, but that doesn't promise his future safety, nor that of his family, neighbors or any Israeli or Jew in the world.
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Anonymous said...

a blessed succot to the HOuse of israel. inclusive ofcourse you and yours. as a noahide i have studied that every jew born is a light to the world. that we of the 70 nations and the rest of creations were only created for israel's sake. and perhaps this is why many of the gentile nations are up to their necks with jealousy and hatred. they cannot not accept Hashem's choice, even if to their detriment. over generations the truth has been lost that Hashem did offer the Torah to the nations and each had its own reason for rejecting. Israel accepted it. we flunked our opportunity.
in my humble opinion it is not whether shalit is more valuable than other jews. all are equally precious to Hashem. That the released will kill, is no doubt. But whether Hashem will ALLOW it to happen, again, is another matter and only Hashem Knows the future. what we have is only the present. if i am not mistaken it is written that his release is on tuesday. hoshanna rabbah. the final judgement day for the nations of the earth. Hashem will seal our judgement. i dont shiver when i think of what the released 1027 will do to jews in the future. i shiver which i think of what Hashem will do to them and to the members of the 70 nations who refuse to repent even with all the signs shown. the released should take it that for some merciful reason or other, Hashem is giving them a second chance to do teshuva. the ball is in their court. and Judgement this time is from Heaven. a son who fought for the Holy Land returns, to His land and parents. lets rejoice in these holy days of succot and leave the future to Hashem. ANY ONE JEW is worth all of the 70 nations, and it is actually a disgrace to us, that the value is 1027 to one. those with jewish blood on their hands will never escape from Heaven;s court. Can we knowlingly let a jew we know is alive, rot in unkosher surroundings with just an assumption, albeit, strong assumption that the released will kill more jews. So, where does Hashem come in our lives, if we are so sure these terrorists will take our lives??????Life and death is only in Hashem's Hands. Be happy. israel's time of suffering is over. Our day of reckoning is starting. just my humble opinion.

aparatchik said...

"What makes Gilad Shalit more valuable than the victims of Arab terrorism pictured in the montage above?"

He is still alive.

G-d willing may he be the father to untold numbers of Jewish descendants.

Batya said...

a, "That the released will kill, is no doubt. But whether Hashem will ALLOW it to happen, again, is another matter and only Hashem Knows the future."
Humans have free will,and that power is what enables a human to murder. G-d observes, rewards and punishes.

aparatchik, and once released, Gilad and his family and future family will again be in danger, especially because of the thousand plus terrorists his badly negotiated release is bringing to Israel and the Jewish People.

Noise Blockers and Other Remedies said...

One thing I am cautious about - that is the the justice factor and how in these courts below - it has eluded. Giving amnesty - full pardon (!?!?!) to murderers is not justice. No matter how you cut it. And it has always been - that when there is no justice to be found in the courts below - justice will be served from above.

A reminder of Parashat Shoftim:

Chag Sameach

Anonymous said...

i can understand what shiloh musings wrote. its very sad what is happening and the whole world is encouraging harm against israel. perhaps this is the time when the mosiach will arrive, i pray so.
R from mystical paths gave his view on this deal. as he says, its a very difficult situation.

Devorah said...

you took the words out of my mouth.

Batya said...

Along with everything else, we must pray for a refuah shleimah to Gilad Shalit, refuat hanefesh v'refuah haguf, physical and emotional health.

Anonymous said...

Should the terrorists begin another wave of terror, killing and maiming, the question will forever be asked, were they the terrorists exchanged for Shalit?

Batya said...

If G-d forbid a new wave of terror does start, will it be called the "Shalit terror wave?"

Keli Ata said...

This entire situation is horrible.

I just read that Hamas is making even more demands--it wants 8 additional females prisoners released. Gilad is supposed to be in Israeli hands by Tuesday. Just when it seems his release is too good to be may well be too good to be true.

Gilad is indeed unique--he is alive, but also (and I've said this repeatedly) though now 25-years old he looks very much like a teenager. My greatest fear (aside from the wave of terror this deal will lead to) is that Hamas may resort to civilian children.

Very young children.

In two Hamas cartoon videos mocking Gilad they've had him crying for his Ima.

Then Israelis will really be put in a Sophie's Choice position.


The world is constantly pressuring Israel to cave to Hamas demands while at the same time the US won't practice what it pressures and release Jonathan Pollard.

Anonymous said...

When Yosef met up with his brothers again in Mitzrayim and revealed his identity, they were completely shocked and embarassed about what they had done. Yet he held no grudges against them and consoled them by saying, "it was Hashem who sent me down to Mitzrayim, not you" i.e. You could not have done anything to me that Hashem didn't want to happen.

I think the message holds true in this situation as well. 100 or 1000 or 1,000,000 terrorists cannot do anything that Hashem does not permit them to do.

Yes, it's scary, but all we can do is strengthen or faith in Hashem and welcome our brother home happily.

Batya said...

a, goyim and Jews aren't the same
a, it's a different world. G-d is hidden.

Men have free will. Men murder; G-d doesn't.

keli, things are still moving ahead.

aparatchik said...

Israel has to be much more vigilant in targeting the killers before they attack. May these would-be terrorists achieve their martyrdom in "work accidents" far from Israel.

Batya said...

aparatchik, yes, or they may just not make it to trial...