Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Arab and Leftist-Demanded Apartheid

Will they, too, lose their home?
Where are all those human rights activists when the Arabs are demanding that Jews have no rights to build homes, schools, etc?
"Fatah's central committee member and Commissioner of International Relations, Nabil Shaath said in a press release Tuesday that Fatah rejects any proposal or political solutions to resume negotiations that are not based on utterly freezing settlements.

He said that resuming negotiations necessitates complete commitment to the peace process requirements; an actual and complete halting of settlement activities, recognizing the 1967 borders as terms of reference for negotiations and ending the siege on the Gaza Strip.

He considered that continuing settlement activities represents a flagrant challenge to the world and abort the international efforts aiming to revive the negotiations again." (complete article)
Aren't we Jews human beings?  Nu, so what about our human rights?  There also are these groups with innocuous sounding names like the ISM, International Solidarity Movement.
"...allied themselves with the 'Palestinian cause.' Many endorse 'armed struggle' [terrorism -ed.] against Israel, while at once claiming to be 'rights activists' or 'opposed to violence.'

Their activities frequently include entering closed military zones, harassing Jewish residents and soldiers in Judea and Samaria, setting fire to Jewish orchards and vinyards, interfering with counter-terrorism operations, knowingly distributing food and money to known terrorists, and vandalizing IDF materials and vehicles." (complete article)
The International Left and even those who consider themselves more centrist keep calling Israel "an apartheid state," but the truth is the total opposite.

There's an amazing amount of integration and interaction between Jews and Arabs in Israel.  Look at the universities, the hospitals etc.  In Israeli stores and malls Arabs and Jews work and shop together.  I had no idea how much until I began working in Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin.

Arabs come from all over the Arab world to shop in Yafiz.  We communicate in English, Hebrew and pantomime.  They're welcome to shop in Jewish stores, but Jews aren't welcome in Arab stores and cities.  It's a one-way street.  If there's any apartheid, religious and "racial" discrimination here in the HolyLand it's against Jews.

There's a long, ancient, documented history of Jews living here in this part of the Middle-East.  The Bible has been an accepted and recognized history book for thousands of years.  Archeologists are always finding more and more proof that we Jews had lived here.

That's why we're back.  The comparisons between us and the Europeans in the Americas or Africa are totally historically inaccurate.

Opposing Jewish life, building and sovereignty in the Land of Israel is immoral racist discrimination against the Jewish People and a denial of historic rights.

We're here to stay!


ben waxman said...

When Shiloh starts admitting Arabs residents you can start talking about the lack of racism in Israel.

And BTW - I also live in a settlement.

Batya said...

Why be so one-sided? Why put the burden on us? Let Jordan and other Arab countries welcome Jews first.
And I don't live "in a settlement." I live in an ancient Jewish city with a rich Jewish history.

ben waxman said...

iaan interesting persepective - i can do whatever i like as long as the other guy isn't bseder. i can exclude arabs as long as arabs excude jews.

why anyone in the world would want to learn ANYTHING from those countries is beyond me.

ben waxman said...

should be:

an interesting . . .

Batya said...

We're a small interdependent community. We make no claims to be a country. Why should we let in the people who want to murder us?

shimonmatisyahu said...

Arabs don't want us buying in their stores? Good! Good thing that they don't have the Yiddishe Cop that we have, or they would have a lot more $$$ (except for stores in the Old City of Jerusalem where they sell Judaica items to lure non-suspecting tourists to buying from them instead from Jewish merchants).

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

It's an old gemara - hatred upsets logical thinking.
The same crowd that champions homosexual marriage and abortion on demand ignores that the so-called Palestinian state would make both punishable by death.
It isn't about loving them, it's about hating us.

Batya said...

Thanks, Mighty, good point.

Batya said...

shimonmatisyahu, I'm glad they're pumping money into Israel-Jewish businesses.