Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Terrorism Pays - Gilad Shalit's Release Pardon's 1,027 Convicted Arab Terrorists

My husband and I, like many Israelis and freedom-loving people around the world have had the television on and saw Gilad Shalit being transferred from Egyptian to Israeli "protection."

There are two sides to every coin.  On one hand I'm happy for him and his family and friends that he is no longer in an Arab terrorist prison, but on the other hand freeing and pardoning 1,027 convicted Arab terrorists is a very dangerous price to pay.

Quite a number of people are upset with me, because I can't ignore the uncomfortable issues involved in the entire Gilad Shalit protest movement and final agreement the Israeli Government made with the devil.  Sorry, but I'm not the type to wear blinders.  I'm too ADHD to focus only on one thing.  I see the whole picture and the loose ends on the other side of the tapestry.

But now, what's done is done.  We have to move on.  The Shalit family, especially Gilad, must get on with their lives. 

The Israeli Government now will have a harder job protecting civilians.  Of course it's the IDF's job to do the actual protecting.  Who will protect our soldiers?  That's for G-d.

Chag Sameach.  It's still Succot and Simchat Torah is tomorrow night.  Enjoy in good health.


Azriel said...

I appreciate your honesty Batya, as my wife and I have the same feeling; Rejoicing for Shalits release , but a bittersweet feeling and remorse for the injustice the world community imposes on Israel, and the pain for the citizens whose families have been killed by these murderers now released to do it to another innocent family..

We had a family member killed by a gunman , and he received only 5 years from technicalities in due process of the law here in the U.S., and we felt outraged and betrayed .He is now free. I can't imagine how those families feel that justice was not given to these monsters.

Yet at the same thought have you heard; the good of the many outweighs the few? I believe it is the reverse .I believe we can truly only understand the good of the many by first caring for the few.In this understanding we fel both bitterness and joy,and that our hearts feel laughter, and tears . A son returned!

I trust in YVWH, that His justice is true, and He will bring the only true justice to this world. In that hope,do we place our trust in His Will, and know ;One day there will be peace,and true justice, and when all the nations are no more, Israel shall still stand; Chosen of the Most High. Blessings for Undivided Israel.

If Israel leaders would first place their trust in the G-D of Jacob , they will never fail;That the many would place their trust in; The One. Shalom

Anonymous said...

batya, as a noahide i really feel for both sides. as a mother for shalit, and seeing the horrors of what has been inflicted on israel over many years, and yes, generations, and now you all are home, and the horrors and terrors are never ending. what shocked me most was the shocking condition of shalit and the prisoners israel released looked like (pardon me for saying this) fat and over fed dolphins. and the world did not say a word. can you imagine what the UN or others would have said if one prisoner from your side looked anywhere half like shalit. the sages have taught that getting angry is equivalent to idolatry, so i refused to watch the overseas news. my husband was watching and when he commented i went and saw. shalit looks like he has been thro hell. while the others from your site look like they have just come back from a holiday, eating at 5 star hotels. the injustices of the gentile nations leaves much to be desired. G-d bless israel.

Batya said...

Azriel, a, there's a Jewish Law that if you're alone in the desert with another person and you have a bottle of water with just enough for one, you're not to share it. If you share it two people will die.

It sounds cruel, but isn't it worse for both to die?

Azriel said...

Batya, You bring a case that Rabbi's have reasoned
back and forth ; Of whose blood is redder, and each side seems to hold merit . I believe to give my life for another is to save both our lives. My reasoning would be;

In the case of Hamas; there is no compassion for the men they negotiated their freedom for, only a political agenda to win favor of the U.N.There hearts have waxed cold, with hate, and curse the G-D of Israel

On the other hand , the life of a fellow neighbor; to love him as you would yourself, and have love and compassion that drives your motivation, that for just one son , you would risk your own life to save his life. What is the price for life?and whose blood is redder?; To hate , or to love G-D with all your heart and mind, and to know that love will never die! It is why we reason now, and why our enemies do not!because we have compassion and they do not!

What does life mean ,if we do not live without love? What would a Father do to save His son? Where would we be if we did not fight for the lives of our brothers. Would we really be alive if we did not?Whose blood is redder Shalom

Batya said...

Azriel, I do not say not to support the Shalit release I just say that his family demonstrated against Israeli PM, rather athan against IRC, UN etc. That is why it cost us the release of over a thousand blood-thirsty Arab terrorists.

Azriel said...

It seems as you say, a no win situation, other than we both are happy Gilad is safe, but know the consequences that will follow by knowing the Word. Israel can do nothing to change anyone's mind to show the world they want peace.

I hope it was done for compassion and not political reasons. That is what makes Israel different, is their genuine compassion for their fellow man. That is what makes us different than our enemy is compassion,It is a gift from G-D.His Love gives life to the blood.Of course to our enemies compassion is a weakness.

I pray this is a good thing, to dare to do something that makes no sense, because of Love, and faith in YHVH.

I hope Netanyahu follows suit by what appears illogical, and not divide it's land . In the worlds truth , to defy the collaborated world's decision makes no reason for a small country as Israel to not do as they say, but to know as Israel has done in the past, with the grace of G-D rose above the odds, because of believing in what the world cannot understand; Is that the children of Israel are favored, and loved above all men. One cannot understand Israel's reasoning without knowing The G-D of Jacob.It is G-D's standard of righteousness we strive after, and not man's. That defies all odd's. We must trust in Him and know we have that same love breathing within us, that defies men's logic.He will never fail us if we trust Him, and will not fail us if we don't.Surely every time Israel did not trust Him there were consequences, and I know this is what you contemplate, as do I.To know the Mind of G-D.He will be found, In the heart!
Isaiah 64:4
From since the beginning of the world, men have not heard, or perceived by the ear, neither have their mortal eye's seen, Our G-D, beside He alone,that which he has prepared for us that wait for him. Shalom my friends

Batya said...

Azriel, the problem is with "missplaced compassion." Being kind to the cruel is the worst crime.