Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Arab Terrorism Endangers The Entire World

There's something that world leaders, media, "intellectuals," etc.  refuse to recognize.  That's the often stated fact that the focus of Arab hate isn't primarily on Israel.  It's on The United States, Europe etc, what they see as the Christian world.  Read the subtitles on this memri-tv clip:

The international media, diplomats, leaders, academics have been trying to convince everyone that if they "sacrifice" Israel, the terrorists would be satisfied and leave them alone.  Unfortunately, and dangerous for sure, Israeli politicians, egged on by the media and "intellectuals," have adopted that mistaken ideology and keep on trying to placate the Arabs with more and more potentially fatal concessions.

Israelis keep lying to themselves that successive American Governments would never endanger Israel.  They have faith in American politicians, like the more and more estranged U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, even when his domestic approval ratings have dropped.

To protest, I wouldn't bother with Obama.  He's neither President nor Prime Minister of Israel.  I'd take some of Arlene Kushner's advice which can be found here

It's not enough to pray to G-d for help, because G-d gave us humans free will.  Here and there, G-d has gotten us out of some pretty serious "jams," but the truth is that we have to save ourselves.  Let's get started!

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