Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Who Else But Peres?!

Shimon Peres and his ideological chassidim, proteges, are my nominees for Yid with Lid's contest for the Self-Hating Jews' Hall of Fame!

Peres is the Jew who tells us to ignore history:

"People tend to remember more and think less," Mr. Peres wrote in "The New Middle East," his 1993 manifesto defending the accords. "Our thoughts, which concentrate on the unfamiliar, are less welcome. However, we must focus on this new Middle East reality … and not wander among memories of victories in long-gone wars -- wars that will never be fought again." Critics of Oslo pointed to Arafat's unambiguous record of hostility to Israel, double-dealing, and ruthlessness. For Mr. Peres, however, history was not a source of wisdom, but a burden. Quoted from here

He doesn't want us to learn from it, or learn it at all, since it makes his hair-brained schemes look like they're endangering the viability of the State of Israel.

It's Shimon Peres who preaches John Lennon's horrifically misguided "
Imagine," the song that praises a world in which

"Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too."

According to this, there's nothing to live for either. No future, no past just today, "Imagine all the people, Living for today."

Peres and Olmert and his coalition have no trouble offering our precious Land, and even our Jerusalem to the same Arab terrorists who want to destroy us, because they only care about today. They do not value tomorrow, our future, our children, grandchildren and the coming generations. What can be more self-hating than that?


Unknown said...

Batya thank you for passing the word. So Do I put this nomination in the "Self Hating Jews" Category or the "Not Self-hating Just Stupid" category?

Batya said...

The real thing. Not stupid at all just plain mean, dangerous and very self-hating, all of them.

Anonymous said...

I don't know ... David Landau should definitely be in the running with Peres and Olmert.

Batya said...

I think there's a special category for him. Check out yid.

Unknown said...

Yes He would be in the Press category
the categories are

Self hating Jews
Self hating media
Self Hating ex Jews (like Bob Novak)
Not self hating Just Stupid

we have gotten tons of nominees stop by and see them all or nominate your own.

Batya said...

a & yid
I did post about him after I read the articles. He definitely gets a prize.

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