Monday, December 31, 2007

Time to Vote!

Yid with Lid has opened the polls to vote for The Most Self-Hating Jew, in a number of categories.
You don't have to choose between David Landau, who gets "excited" by the thought of his country, Israel, being raped by the United States
and the veteran "dreamer," Peres with a lot of opponents. What he calls a "dream" would be a nightmare for the Jewish People.
There's definitely something "off" in the Jewish psyche considering that only we breed such self-haters, those who hate their own people. Is it a result of our communal suffering, like a mass Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, or Stockholm Syndrome?


Politicsgirl101 said...

I choose Peres, he sees himself as Israeli not a jew, JEWS don't leave their brothers to be held hostage in prison for MEDALS!

Batya said...

Peres is a Jew hater.