Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bring Pollard Home

It would be nice if Bush would bring a present, Jonathan Pollard. In the entire history of the United States there was never anybody held for so long, under such conditions for giving information to an ally, as Pollard. Israel and the United States had a treaty/agreement at the time, and according to that treaty, the United States was supposed to give us the information.

Israel and American Jewry, not only should have protested Pollard's arrest, conviction and unprecedented punishment, but they should have protested, and should be protesting, the fact that the United States does not live up to its treaties with us.

Here is a letter sent to US President Bush by Jack Lauber:

Honorable President George W. Bush:

I write to you pleading for the release of Jonathan Pollard. Your upcoming trip to Israel on January 9, 2008 is a fitting time to make a gesture to Israel by releasing Jonathan Pollard.

I am well aware that Jonathan Pollard was charged with spying for the benefit of Israel. At the same time it is important to recognize that Mr. Pollard was not charged with treason or spying for an enemy country or even endangering the United States or its Citizens. Generally a person convicted of spying for a friendly country receives a 2-4 year sentence.

Never in the history of our country did a person convicted of one count of passing classified information receive a sentence as harsh as Jonathan Pollard. Something went terribly wrong in Jonathan Pollard’s case. He has been in prison for over 22 years.

Jonathan Pollard has repeatedly expressed his remorse publicly and in private letters to the President and others. He regrets having broken the law, and is sorry he did not find a legal means to act upon his concerns for Israel. He has served more than an adequate sentence and he poses no threat to the United States or her allies.

Please review the facts of the Jonathan Pollard case and use the power of your office to commute his sentence to time served. His case cries out loudly for a commutation of the sentence to time served.


Jack D. Lauber

Latham NY

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