Monday, December 3, 2007

I May Rant About That Wall, But...

... The Arabs and lack of upkeep and completion budgets are taking it down.

That so called security wall was never really planned. Its route was never completely finalized, and the budget was never fully calculated. So, it shouldn't be a surprise to you that its financial needs were never allocated!

How can the government budget enough money when nobody has ever figured out what it would cost to complete the wall and keep it complete?

Hmmm, so, nu? Do you think it's really fully sealing anything? It exists. It's ugly, a blight on the landscape. Yes, it is in private property and can make traveling difficult for some. But there are lots of holes and cracks, and anyone who really wants to can get in or out, at least by foot. And then it just.... ends.

They just showed it tonight on the Chanel One IBA TV News! "Benny Liss reports..."

Benny, whose daughter lived in Shiloh for a while soon after she was married, has been giving us some very interesting news reports. He is very probably the most veteran, kippah-wearing reporter on Israeli television. Recently, he has been specializing in archeology and ancient Jewish History.

In tonight's spot, he told us that apparently the wall's budget has dried up and the contractors are leaving, and as soon as they leave, along with their equipment and guards, Arabs destroy sections they find "inconvenient."

When successive Israeli governments began touting the wall as the security savior of the country to "lock out the terrorists," they ignored the fact that the winding "border" would require massive manpower to maintain. They also ignored the fact that the wall would cut down on visual access and information, usually the most effective defense of all. And of course, they considered it rather rude to discuss price.

Have we been conned?

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