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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Was the Teachers Strike a Success?

The Irgun Morim teachers strike is finally over.

Now, was it worth it? What was accomplished?

So far, it seems like Ran Erez got lots of headlines, but did he get anything more than some vague promises?

What happened to our "missing hours?" We used to get five hours of English per class,and now we get four at most. There's no way to fit in all the requirements.

The government is happy. But that can only make me nervous.

According to this poll, the public doesn't think that anyone won this time.

Dahaf poll: Public thinks Olmert team failed in handling teacher's strike
Dr. Aaron Lerner 14 December 2007
Telephone poll of a representative sample of 400 adult Israelis (including
Arab Israelis) carried out by Dahaf for Yediot Ahronot apparently on 13
December after the teacher's strike ended.
Statistical error +/- 4.9 percentage points.

Published in Yediot Ahronot on 14 December 2007

How did the following personalities handle the teacher's strike and its
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert: Failed 81% Succeeded 12%
Minister of Education Yuli Tamir: Failed 70% Succeeded 21%
Finance Minister Bar On: Failed 68% Succeeded 21%
Teacher's Union Chairman Ron Erez: Failed 52% Succeeded 38%

Who is responsible for the strike continuing so long?
Ron Erez 18% Bar On 27% Tamir 12% All same extent 38%

In light of the results was it right to have the strike?
Yes 51% No 44%

Will the agreement improve the achievements of high school students?
Yes 26% No 64%

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