Friday, December 21, 2007

Arm Yourself With Tissues

What a way to start the morning...

And that was after listening to a very special song last night when traveling to and from a wedding. The music, arrangement and words were so moving. My neighbor told us that it was by one of the Gush Katif refugees. I can't remember the entire name, but what I remember is Elro'i Va'anunu.

Then this morning, the first email I saw was from
Ya'aqov, who lives in nearby Tapuach.

...I would like to share one video with you which I found to be particularly poignant and personal, as it documents the history of the Tashnady Family, from the beginning to the end of their residency in Neve Deqalim in Azza. Actually, it is more of a montage to music, than a video.
I obtained this video from a one of the sons of the family,
Moshe, who was then a college student at the religious, science school Machon Lev. It was produced by his brother Pniel. I had the opportunity to meet the Tasnady brothers right after the Expulsion... complete post

If A picture is worth a thousand words, then this montage of photos set to music says more than all the articles and even blog posts published on Disengagement. So, I've said enough, just watch it, and don't froget the tissues!

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