Sunday, December 23, 2007

Does Anyone Care?

Israel just suffered its longest ever teachers strike, which closed many high schools for a couple of months. Teachers' salaries are extremely low. Considering that we teachers are expected to have university degrees, ironically, there's no way we can afford to send our own children to university. They have to work their way to cover tuition and expenses.

I presume that the university students, unable to study do to the ongoing, semester-long, strike of senior lecturers, are taking advantage of their time to earn money to cover their expenses. It looks like the semester is lost. Will the universities return all the money paid? It seems to me that nobody really cares.

Last week it was revealed, and not for the first time, that Peace Now is backed by foreigners, the same one who are working hard to establish an Arab Terror State in our Heartland. But the media is in cahoots, and all that they care about is stopping Jewish building in Jerusalem.

Show you care.

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