Sunday, December 16, 2007

That's the Least of It

hat tip IMRA

I'd estimate that this is a gross under-estimate:
Study: Delay in resettling Gaza evacuees cost state $1 billion

It doesn't take into account welfare, extra health costs and more. Don't forget the rebuilding and replacement of schools, clinics and more.

A productive population has become dependent on the government. That adds to the budget. Some people will never be able to put their lives back in order, and this can affect the younger generation. Housing the refugees in ghettos (refugee camps) also raises the statistics for welfare, etc.

On the whole, Gush Katif wasn't a wealthy place, but it developed means to help each other. This very delicate balance was destroyed and cannot be duplicated. So far the government has shown no intention to invest in suitable rehabilitation for those who had their homes, communities etc destroyed by the government.

It all, so ironically, reminds me of the Arab refugees, supported by the UN and other anti-Israel organizations, for 60 years in their camps, just to make Israel look bad. Those Arabs fled voluntarily, because their leaders told them that they'd be returning soon to victory.


Avi said...

Kol Hakavod for keeping the issue of Gush Katif alive. Help spread the word that "Home Game" the movie about the untold human story of Gush Katif is now online for all to see.

Everyone now has the opportunity to see this inspiring and important movie to better understand who the people of Gush Katif are, what they went through then and empathize with their predicament today. While the government of Israel is beginning to talk about possibly uprooting more Jews from Judea and Samaria, it is important that people know all about the people of Gush Katif, then and now.

Here is the link for the movie:

Batya said...

thanks avi
Your movie is so important; it shows what was destroyed.