Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Supreme Choreographer by A Friend

A friend sent me this:

I don't like the imagery of this world is a tapestry with us only seeing the tangled mess of threads on the reverse side, because we ARE the threads. And we do sometimes get glimpses of the design on the front of the tapestry -- the glorious manifestation of the infinite attention to the most minute details of our lives that He takes care of.

What I prefer is the image of Hakodesh Baruch Hu as the Supreme Choreographer. He arranges the steps of everyone's dance, making sure the partners come together and come apart at the right points, in the right sequence, perfectly timed. And sometimes, we have a pause, outside the circle of the dance, so that we have a chance to catch our breath, take a peek and see the beauty and majesty of this dance that He is arranging. Because we DO get to see evidence of his Hashgacha Pratit, of His attention to the myriad details of our lives, to arranging the steps from years ago so that years later we are in the right place at the right time, and even appropriately costumed!

The awesome thing for me is that this dance is choreographed for billions of people round the clock, with all the attendant interactions and "change partners and doh-si-doh"s that we go through. It's such subtle, behind-the-scenes choreography that we aren't even aware that we are dancing to Someone Else's tune and steps -- we are quite able to believe that we are making up our own dance free form as we go along. And then comes another of those pauses, and we see why this daycare center didn't work out after all, or why that job is the one that came through 25 years ago, or why, or why, and we are awestruck by the beauty and intricacy of the dance all over again.

May we never lose our ability to perceive the wonder.

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