Friday, December 14, 2007

The Secret Behind the Picture

Funny that now there's a big hullaballoo about building in Har Chomah. And there are even those who think the fuss should have had been made ten years ago. I wonder where those people were ten years ago.

I know where I was. I was at a a Women in Green demonstration on, then empty, Har Chomah protesting the British Government Minister
Robin Cook's anti-Israel statements during his visit:
In March 1998, a diplomatic rift ensued with Israel when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu angrily canceled a dinner with Cook, while Cook was visiting Israel. Cook was criticized for challenging Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem and for deceiving the government on his plans in meeting certain Palestinian figures.[10]

Now, after two years of teasing you about the picture in the Kosher Cooking Carnival logo, now I'll let you know the source. That demonstration.

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