Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Olmert - Annapolis Won't Save You!

This poster has recently gone up all over Yerushalayim [hopefully, all over Israel – let us know], apparently put up by Baruch Marzel’s Hazit party, whose name [and URL] appears on the bottom of the posters. When I tried to find it on the Web, I found it at Tzvi Fishman’s Hollywood to the Holy Land blog at Arutz 7.

Here’s what
Tzvi says about it, and I can’t agree more:
Let's get this poster up on the net all over the world. Send it to friends, blogs, and websites. Print it out and tack it up on bulletin boards in shuls. Just as Sharon thought that giving away Gush Katif would get the leftist media and justice system to love him and save him from going to jail for the charges of corruption against him, Olmert is doing the same. With three [actually four, but who’s counting? – yitz] criminal investigations against him, he is desperately hoping to save himself at Annapolis, willing to give up chunks of Jerusalem, and vast stretches of precious Jewish lands, destroying thriving communities and endangering the entire country in the process - just to save his own skin. Everyone has to do whatever he or she can to foil his plans.

And from
Tzvi’s latest post:
Today, Ishmael is the same wild ass of a man that he was in the days of our forefathers. Esav is the same cunning murderer whose lips are filled with pretty words and speeches, but whose hands are filled with blood. Both of them despise Yaakov until this very day and long to trick him, cheat him, kill him, and steal his Divine inheritance and Land. Two weeks from now, the three will meet in Annapolis. Make no mistake. The Torah’s truths are eternal. It is the same Ishmael, the wild ass of man, who will be a wild ass no matter how well he speaks and how nice he looks dressed in a suit and a tie. And Esav is still the great pretender, with lying words on his tongue and a dagger always ready to strike.

Only Yaakov is not the real Yaakov. The Yaakov who will be at Annapolis representing the Jews is a sad shadow of the Yaakov of old, a treacherous imposter who, instead of defending his Divine heritage, is negotiating to give it away. But G-d will help. The Eternal One of Israel will not lie. His will for the world will win out in the end. Yaakov will wake up from his 2,000-year slumber. Yaakov will stir like a proud lion and throw off the yoke of the goyim. Yaakov will cast off the chains of the exile, rise up and roar like a lion. The Torah of truth will shine forth from Zion, and in its splendorous light, all of the world’s false cultures and doctrines will be obliterated from the earth. On that day, Ishmael will flee from the Holy Land in shame, and the arrogance of Esav will be shattered. The agreements of Annapolis will be like shredded papers discarded on the wind, and the whole world will come to know that there is a living G-d in Israel, and that only His Torah is truth. May it be soon!

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