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Monday, November 12, 2007

What's a Mediator?

According to DRC-Dispute Resolution Center, a mediation is:

Mediation is a process in which a third-party neutral, whether one mediator or more, acts as a facilitator to assist in resolving a dispute between two or more parties. It is a non-adversarial approach to conflict resolution, where the parties generally communicate directly; the role of the mediator is to facilitate communication between the parties, assist them in focusing on the real issues of the dispute, and generate options for settlement.
There won't be any conflict mediation at that Annapolis Conference. There are no "third-party neutral" mediators. U.S.'s Rice and Europe's Blair have very well-defined and well-publicized agendas. Actually they have the same aim. It's not "conflict resolution." It's the establishment of another Arab State in the Land of Israel. Great Britain, Europe, the United States and the rest of the countries in the world have always planned to divide the original British Mandate in three.

A Hashemite sheik was given the section east of the Jordan River, which is now called Jordan. Then, although originally it was thought that the Jews would get the remainder, the countries of the world then decided to divide that land west of the Jordan into two countries, one they would call Palestine and the bit remaining would be given to the Jews. They had a plan to divide Jerusalem or have it united under international rule. Their proposal was to give the Jews bits of land so indefensible that the country would be destroyed soon after its establishment.

Being that there never was a "Palestinian People," and there was neither unity, tradition, army etc., Hashemite Jordan had no problems taking over most of that territory in the Arab war against the newly re-established Jewish Nation called The State of Israel. That's how it stood post 1948. Only two countries in the entire world recognized Hashemite Jordan's sovereignty over the "west bank" and eastern Jerusalem. They were Great Britain and Pakistan.

Blair and Rice are trying to establish that country which never existed, since there never was a national entity in the Land of Israel, other than a Jewish one. The Hashemites aren't native to the area of the Jordan River. Great Britain has supported it, and the world has accepted it.

The Pseudistinians are just a bunch of anti-Jewish terrorists. That is the unifying factor. They don't want peace with us. They just want us dead and destroyed.

Blair, Rice, Bush and the rest of the Annapolis organizers have one aim. That aim is to establish a Pseudistinian State at the expense of the State of Israel. They don't care what happens to us here. They are racists demanding that our land be judenrein, cleansed of Jews.

Olmert, with all of his legal problems, is looking for a refuge and world praise. There's something very sick in the Israeli psyche. I guess that it's the modern version of the need to wander forty years. It's a long forty years, but it will be much longer if this Annapolis Conference takes place.

Olmert's Government and the Israeli Left are lying to the Israeli People. They're trying to promote this Annapolis Conference as some sort of "peace conference," but it isn't. The reason why the borders and the division of Jerusalem are the central theme and in the news all the time is because its aim is the establishment of an Arab terror state in the Land of Israel, G-d forbid, but we humans have to stop it!

Condelezza Rice has a dream. Her dream is to be the mother or midwife of a Pseudisitinian State at the expense of our State of Israel. The Israeli Left thinks that its support of such a state would make it immune to terror, but nobody is immune to terror. Terror must be eradicated at its source!

Rice, Blair and Bush are endangering world peace. If they, G-d forbid, succeed in their aim, history will judge them harshly. And history will also condemn all the Leftists who support the terrorist state, even more than the post-World War II historians condemn the Germans who "obeyed orders" and murdered six million Jews and millions of other innocents.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of 40 years ......

Forty years ago was 1967.

Israel failed to take what was given by Hashem on a silver platter.
Israel had no emunah, no bitochen in Hashem.

Israel has just as much a role in its fate as its American and European betrayers.
For Israel can betray itself.

Bush and Rice have already suffered in the aftermaths of their "road map" policies ..... on the way to leaving office as ignominious failures.
It is going to get worse for them, not better, if they continue to pursue that "road map" path.

And it will be very bad for Israel if Israel helps them.

You see, for all of his bloviating about Xtianity, Bush does not have a clue about Xtianity.
And most Jews seem to have forgotten what the Tziyyon means.
So the Tziyyon, in kind, will turn away from the Jews.

There is still time for teshuvah.
In the words of the old Polish shoemaker, "As long as the candle burns, there is time to repair the shoes."

Norman Cohen
Los Angeles

Batya said...

Norman, excelent points. Thanks for the comment.

Rob said...

To borrow a phrase from a friend of mine who used to be very active in our circles, I prefer the term "Fakestinians" to "Pseudistinians".

Or if you prefer, you can spell it "Phakestinians".

Keep on truckin'!

Am Yehudi Chai!

Batya said...

Thanks, rob, that name's a good one, too.