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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Democracy in Action!

We had two elections, simultaneously in Shiloh and most of Mateh Binyamin, the Benjamin Regional Council. That's the area, like a county, north of Jerusalem, from Adam in the south until Eli in the North; Kochav Hashachar and Rimmonim to the East and Mevo Choron to the West.

Shiloh, like many of the communities, used the regional election day as a good time to have local elections for "Town Council," Mazkirut.

The big elections were to elect a new "governor," Rosh Moetza. The veteran, long-time one, Pinchas Wallerstein, of Ofra, announced his retirement.

Here he is pictured toasting his successor, Avi Ro'eh, of Kochav Yaakov. picture by Yona Zoref

And here are the "unofficial" results. picture by Yona Zoref

Following are photos I took on election day, except for the one in which I appear, which Yona took.

Teaching democracy! Two ballots, because spouses armed with "Power of Attorney" can vote for the spouse.
Taking apart the election box, to make sure none of the ballots got stuck.

Counting ballots.

Election committee

Binyamin at the Head/Forefront with Avi Ro'eh. I can't resist a sunset.
Voter showing off her original "antique" Te'udat Zehut, Identity Card.

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