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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Israel's Fifth Column

The State of Israel is in danger, and I'm not talking about terrorists or even Arabs. Too many Israelis worship a false morality. Israel's fifth column.

Please read these two short articles:

‘Machsom Watch’ Told Soldiers to Release Terrorist
Nov-01-07 08:03 PM

(IsraelNN.com) According to eyewitnesses, members of the extreme-left
group “Machsom Watch” told soldiers to release an Arab teen who turned out to be
an armed terrorist. Soldiers at the Huwarra checkpoint apprehended a teen after
finding explosives on his person. Soldiers wrestled the would-be attacker to the
ground, and the explosives were later detonated by IDF sappers.
Members of
“Women in Blue and White,” a group dedicated to encouraging soldiers at
checkpoints and giving them food and drinks, were present at the time and said
that members of “Machsom Watch” had yelled at the soldiers as they
struggled with the terrorist, saying “Leave him alone, he’s just a
Women in Blue and White activists added that many soldiers had
complained about “Machsom Watch,” warning that the group has interfered in
security checks and could cause a disaster.

Aloni Calls to Put Barak on Trial
Nov-01-07 06:50 PM

(IsraelNN.com) Extreme-left activist Shulamit Aloni, who formerly served
as Education Minister, told the director of the Arab paper Ma al-Adath that
Defense Minister Ehud Barak should be put on trial. In an interview to be
printed Friday, Aloni called Barak “arrogant” and “The most dangerous person in
the State of Israel,” saying Barak had committed “war crimes” by calling for a
temporary decrease in the supply of Israeli electricity and fuel to Gaza. If
Israel does not put Barak on trial, Aloni said, the International Court in the
Hague should.
Aloni also mentioned a recent lecture she gave to IDF
officers in which she compared them to terrorist killers.
Referring to
terrorists with “blood on their hands” who have killed Israelis, Aloni asked
“Why are you making a big fuss over people with blood on their hands? Each one
of you has blood on your hands. They throw bombs, and you throw bombs.” Terrorists’ blood “is just as red” as that of Israelis, she