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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gaga, Making Mountains Out of Sand

I don't know what's with Israeli TV journalists, but they're gaga over Annapolis. Their Left-leaning minds have gone totally out of whack. I don't think a chiropractor can fix this.

When I cam back from counting the votes, I'll blog about that bli neder tomorrow, I caught some news. These pseudo-journalists were going into great lengths about how buddy buddy Bush and Olmert looked in the pictures, and that Abbas looked like a "tag along little brother." Totally preposterous.

It's just that Olmert, the well-trained politician, knows how to use body language to show closeness and Abbas doesn't play those games. He's playing "hard to get," so he'll get more for less. He's being smart, while Olmert is acting like some cheap, desparate female willing to do anything for men who pretend they like her.

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