Friday, November 23, 2007

Ya'akov and Truman

The Buck Stops Here!

This week's parsha, Torah Portion of the Week, gives us a real lesson in leadership.

Ya'akov returns home after a twenty year exile. He knows he's in danger, because his powerful twin brother Esau is angry with him.

He prepares by dividing his "camp." He prepares gifts to placate his brother and he prays to G-d.

The night before the big reunion he goes off by himself.

During the night before his encounter with Esau, Yaakov finds himself alone. (This is one of the sources for the rule that a person should not go out alone at night.) from Torah Tidbits
I disagree with that conclusion. I see it as a sign of leadership. Ya'akov doesn't have a "cabinet" to help him rule. He doesn't have a parliament; he's not burdened by democracy. Ya'akov, as a true leader, knew that what it all boiled down to was that it was up to him, and he would have to take full responsibility for everything.

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