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Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's Not Enough to Rally For Jerusalem

There are some demonstrations planned to "protect" Jerusalem from Olmert's willingness to sign parts of it away to the Arabs in Annapolis.

I don't support those demonstrations.

It's not because I want to give away Jerusalem. G-d forbid! I want those horrid walls destroyed and the city to be totally united. If Arabs can live in French Hill and Pisgat Zeev, then Jews should live in Beit Chanina or whatever Arab neighborhood they wish.

Those demonstrations are dangerous.

They're dangerous, because they indicate that they've given up on Judea and Samaria. They're not fighting for the preservation of our Historic Biblical Homeland. They've written us off without a fight. They accept the Arab and American demands of a juden rein Judea and Samaria. They're accepting that hundreds of thousands of Jews will be exiled and homeless.

Do they honestly believe that Jerusalem will survive surrounded by another Arab State, one conceived through murder and terrorism?

Do they honestly believe that the State of Israel will survive with such borders?

This isn't 1948, when the entire area was poverty-stricken and weapons were primitive. Only 19 years later, in 1967, the surrounding Arab countries threatened us with extinction. They bragged that they would drive us into the sea. The UN Peace-Keeping Forces fled.

The world waited and watched, expecting an Arab victory. None of them helped us.

Jews all over the world prayed.

Instead of being wiped off the face of the earth and buried at sea, Israel, tiny, weak, poor Israel was victorious. Finally we found ourselves with defensible borders. Finally we found ourselves in possession of our Biblical cities, Hebron, Beit El, Shechem, Shiloh and the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. Baruch Hashem!

The world was in awe. They recognized the great miracle.

But how did Israel react?
"We don't need it."
"Let's use it to bargain with the Arabs for peace."

In 1967 we had peace. The Arabs accepted our victory. Just the left-wing Israelis in power didn't. The media and the intellectuals weren't interested in our Biblical Homeland. The new Jew, they had invented, worshipped the legends of the kibbutz, not the Biblical History which took place in historic Judea and Samaria.

They succeeded in turning our victory and peace into a terror-filled nightmare.

The Arabs wont give us peace no matter what "gifts" they're bribed with. They'll just demand more.

The world will never fully recognize us a legitimate country with Jerusalem as our capital. But they'll add annexes to their Holocaust Museums to memorialize the State of Israel that self-mutilated, proving that Jews are cursed to wander.

G-d forbid it should all end like that. We have to fight for all of our Land, not just Jerusalem. We must never give up!


Esser Agaroth said...

B"H It could not have been said better.

As long as Israeli leader are more concerned about what the goyim think, and being liked and validated by them, than what THe Almighty thinks, we are in big trouble.

This is called co-dependence.

And, as long as Jews tolerate this, we are in big trouble.

This is called "enabling."

Jews in Judea & Samaria do not need THAT much convincing. It's the Jews in Holon, Ramat Gan, Qiriyath Ata, the U. S., and the like who need convincing that there is hope.

Batya said...

Thanks yaaqov

so true

Anonymous said...

Yes but did you ever think of the Arabs or the dare I say it Palestinians. If the Israelis take over all of the land then where will the Arabs go? You have such a double standard set in mind you sympathize for your people yet you forget the others. I understand your point of view and fully appreciate it but as long as we're being civilized we can't have unreasonable demands like kick all the Arabs out.

Batya said...

Don't criticize me for what I didn't say. Please read more carefully.
My priority is Israel's growth, more than survival, and transferring Jews and destroying their homes, leaving Jerusalem isolated will only endanger the State of Israel.