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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why not to "Meshek Achiya?"

This came from the Government Press Office:

The Government Press Office and the Israel Olive Oil Board invite foreign journalists in Israel to the "Olive Route" tour of northern Israel on Sunday, 11.11.07. The tour includes:
1. Visit to the olive press in Daliyat al-Carmel and breakfast.
2. Visit to the Israel Olive Oil Board at Hananya Farm: Presentations on olive varieties, inter-religious cooperation among Board management and regional cooperation in raising, harvesting and marketing olives (among Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority).
3. Visit Saba Haviv olive press: View oil production process, learn about olive oil's medicinal properties, tasting & lunch.
4. Visit Rimon Winery, which produces pomegranate wine.
The tour will leave Beit Agron in Jerusalem at 07:30 on Sunday, 11.11.07. Journalists from outside Jerusalem may meet the bus in the parking lot of the ASA restaurant at Latrun (next to the IDF armored Corps Museum).

One of the largest olive oil businesses in Israel is here in Shiloh, Meshek Achiya, established by the late Yossi Shuker and his wife Ronit of Givat Achiya. Too bad the Government Press Office won't be including it on their tour.

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