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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

In The Real World

I decided to call my Arutz 7 blog, The Eye of the Storm, since real life here in Shiloh is so different from what most people imagine. While the world is planning our demise, G-d forbid, we're busy with life and death. This has been a difficult week for us.
It's not because Olmert is supporting an Arab terror state where my home stands.
It's not because we got Arab kassam attacks instead of the peace Tsippi Livne thought she had bought with Disengagement.
It's not because Israel hasn't applied sanctions to Gaza, like Ramon thinks.
Last Thursday we gathered in the cemetery to remember our neighbor Rachella Druk, who was shot and murdered by Arab terrorists sixteen years ago when on her way to a demonstration in Tel Aviv.
Then on Shabbat, a neighbor died of a heart attack. It was totally unexpected. Saturday night, midnight, there was a massive funeral.
And then yesterday, only Monday, another neighbor passed away. He had made aliyah barely a year ago to be with his daughter and her family. Today was his funeral, just as the sun was beginning to set.
Yes, things look black at times. Is that why the Hebrew month of Cheshvan is called "Maracheshvan," bitter Cheshvan?

But when I see the flower, which comes up as winter begins, I feel that maybe G-d will forgive us and send the rain we need for life.

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