Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What are -- waiting for?

You may be wondering about the dashes in the title.

I had trouble deciding on the correct word.

Should the title be:
  • What are we waiting for?
  • What are they waiting for?

This isn't just a semantic grammatical question. It reminds me about the "four sons" of Passover Seder fame. One son is called "evil," because he asks "what happened to you? instead of "us."

The Arab terrorists in Gush Katif and Gaza are launching kassam rockets at Israel. Our country is being attacked. Innocent people are fleeing their homes. And the Israeli Government, our government is debating whether or not to inconvenience the Arabs who are attacking us. That's the gist of it.

Now, I don't feel comfortable saying "they," since that disconnects me from the state. But if I say "we," then I'm admitting some of the guilt.

The Arabs want a war. They are confident that they can (G-d forbid) defeat us. They want Israel to react, and then they'll say we're the aggressor. They know that Israel is very obedient to American and UN instructions.

We need a totally new government and new politicians, G-d willing!

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