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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Memorial to Ido Zoldan, HaYa"D, From Yonatan Gormazano

Some pictures from the emotional memorial to Ido Zoldan (may G-d avenge his blood) in Homesh, the city which he put so much heart in rebuilding. This is how we will remember him in his so Jewish way of building the Land with Jewish labour, together with Torah study and meticulous practice of every commandment.

The speakers included Rav Levinger from Hevron, Rav David Druckman from Habad, Rav Cohen of the newly formed Homesh Yeshiva (they study in Homesh every day since the summer), Rav Schmidt of Shave Shomron (the community which gives so much support to the renewal of Homesh), Rav Gadi Ben Zimra of Male Levona (one of the pillars of the �a Jew does not expel a Jew� campaign), and a very emotional letter from Rav Dov Lior (one of this generation�s leading sages after the passing away of R Shapira (ztz�l). Also some of his close friends, among them Yochai Ofan and Akiva, provided us with a number of stories showing Ido�s dedication and personality. May he be an inspiration to us all to continue his way, and may G-d comfort his family.

When I have time, I will put more photographs in my web album http://picasaweb.google.com/YoniGormezano.


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