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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Where Do We Go From Here?

By Sylvia Mandelbaum

How could we have been so deceived? Either we pull ourselves together or we fold up.

We have no party. No government. Nothing. We are nothing. We have nothing because we are nothing. We did it ourselves. We are traitors. I throw the question back at people. What do you do now all you traitors? What do you do now?

You can form a new government but whom do you have? You'll form a new government with traitors. What kind of people are you? Do you deserve a government? Or do you deserve to be eliminated?

What concerns me is where do we go from here?

I'm in a nursing home. What can I do in a nursing home? All I can do is write or dictate some articles. But there's much that can be done - much that can be done.

Our government, especially Haredim, are traitors to their own cause. They were given some kind of bribe because they always had their own system. What were they given that made them cave in? Were they given personally or something for their own party? But their party voted for what? For Sharon, right?

A man takes office he owes his allegiance to the country he represents. If his children are traitors - it's too bad. He owes his allegiance to the country first who he promised to represent.

The government folded up. A drastic step like that was taken to save the lives of Sharon's sons. Maybe to pay a gambling debt because they were professional gamblers. So what can you do with professional gamblers? What are you going to do against professional gamblers? There's no way that you can fight that.

The people have to fight back. The people.
If the people don't want to fight back you have no country.

As my mother used to say,
"Gontza velt is a bluff - from hinton biz aruf."
(The whole world is a bluff - from the bottom to the top.)

I respect all answers.


Anonymous said...

Sylvia, you say much can be done and that the people must fight back, but how? That you don't say. When all is said and done that is the crux of the issue.

And to what point? If people running are all traitors you're esssentially recycling politicians.

In the USA politicians lose their political lives and ambitions over a prison term. Here it not only doesn't hinder one's political career but may actually serve to enhance it! What is the electorate to do?

Anonymous said...

al tityaesh[i] min hapuranut ... it's not just a suggestion, it's a mitzvah

Anonymous said...

Sylvia, you are right that something must be done. like they say, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." the question is - who is worthy of being our leader? certainly the "usual" politicians are not. but, in a whole nation of intelligent people, there must be someone who is honest, sufficiently wise, able to stand up to outside pressure, and therefore - worthy of being our leader. the question is not whether such a person exists - such a person must exist, probably even several people who fit the description. the question is how to find those people.

Anonymous said...

2000 years of galut means that we accept what comes to us as divine providence.

It's what allowed to Gush Katif people to a) have enormous faith (baruch hashem) but b) totally surrender when the axe actually fell.

A friend in the army at the time told me that the only instance during the expulsion when the army was put on massive alert was when Aryeh Yitzhaki climbed onto a roof in Shirat Hayam with an M16.

But otherwise, I now realize how the Jews went to the gas chambers without a fight. And yes, it's happenning again.

And the only way it can be stopped, is IMO, only going to happen when our backs are really, really against the wall. Either collectively (the whole country), or the religious if the Israeli leftist anti-semitism continues to be backed up by the mass media which brainwashes the people. The rabbis and religious soldiers failed miserably during the expulsion. I think the next generation is already a bit smarter now.

Sylvia said...

Dear A Concerned Citizen,
What can I say? Perhaps you have the answer. You and more citizens like you have the answer.

Sylvia said...

Dear Leah,
That's a good question. How do you find these people? Do these people respond?

Sylvia said...

Dear Josh,
I want to see what they'll do now. The people have to wake up as a people. They all have to take responsibility. If they don't want to take responsibility then there's no people. That's your answer. Responsibility.