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Monday, June 4, 2007

What do the Pseudistinians Really Want?

IMRA has this interesting poll, done by Arabs. Here are some highlights:

Figure 6: Main issue that makes respondents feel depressed
12% The economic hardship of my household
25%The absence of security for me and my family
53%The internal power strugggle
3%Hamas in power
2%Fateh in opposition
2%The Israeli occupation in general
4%Family problem

Figure 8: Factions blamed for the recent clashes in the Gaza Strip
Mainly Hamas 21% Mainly Fateh 15% I blame both equally 64%

Figure 9: Leader Palestinians trust most
Abu Mazen 29% Ismael Hanieh 21% Neither 50%

Figure 10: Support for the rocket attacks on Israel and the value of such
Support or oppose firing rockets into Israel by Palestinian factions
Support 51% Oppose 49%

Does firing rockets into Israel provide any real benefit to the

Yes 34% No 66%
Click here for the entire report.

And while you're trying to absorb what's really going on in the Arab minds, read this:

Another Yom Kippur?
The UN Security Council's decision to establish an international court to try Basher Assad and his relatives for the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri ...Full story

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