Sunday, June 17, 2007

Korach, a Kadima kind of Guy

"Nothing's new," as King Solomon kept repeating in Kohelet, Ecclesiastes.

If the parsha, Torah Portion of the Week, Shlach Lecha is a favorite of military information analysts, then Korach is for us political pundits.

Korach was the "black sheep" of the distinguished Levi tribe. He was dissatisfied with the role G-d had assigned to his branch of the family and used his talents to incite rebellion. Korach lakach, took, others who were unhappy and made a party of opportunists who wanted nothing but their own personal power and status.

As I listened to the shiur, Torah class by Rav Dov yesterday, my mind went in its own directions, as happens frequently.

The verb lakach, took reminds me of the politicians who don't give their opinions until they check what the polls say, and then they "take" their positions from the results, in order to try to get on the band wagon of public opinion. They aren't true leaders. They have no vision, just personal ambition.

Personal ambition is the one unifying characteristic of Israel's Kadima Party. It was established by modern Korachs, and they, too, will be "swallowed up" with all their perks.

Bimhairah B'Yameinu, Speedily in Our Days!
Shavua Tov and Chodesh Tov!


Rafi G. said...

great dvar Torah

Batya said...

Thank you.
My neighbors are inspiring. I get my ideas as I think about what they are saying.