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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Technology isn't the Key

I remember when Ehud Barak was running for his first and successful bid to be Israel's Prime Minister. His pr enterprise stressed his love of technology. They equated that with brilliance.

It was his approach, which seriously weakened the IDF, Israel Defense Forces. You can't defeat your enemy if you have no idea who and what he is.

The Arab terrorists aiming to destroy us, G-d forbid, play the game very differently from Barak. The weapons they use against us are immune to the high tech ones Barak and his followers have their faith in.

We must get down to basics to destroy the terrorists. There is no other way.

l'ilui nishmato shel Avi Siton, HaYa"D, murdered by Arab terrorists during the national nightmare caused by Ehud Barak as Prime Minister

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