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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Darfur, again

This may make me persona non grata among some of you.

I've been ranting about the Jewish Darfur fixation for the past two years, ever since I was in New York on the eve of Disengagement and couldn't understand where the hearts and heads of my fellow Jews were. It seemed like all the rabbis could talk about was the "situation" in Darfur and the poor persecuted people there.

Now, at the same time thousands of innocent, law abiding Jews were about to be thrown out of their homes. Their homes, schools, businesses, communities etc were going to be destroyed in a unilaterally, that means one-sided, in exchange for nothing, gesture to Arab terrorists who were cheering the Israeli government on. So were international "diplomats," media etc. Look at the Jews, doing Hitler's work, what a pleasure.

Gevalt! Did anyone care? I heard nothing from the pulpits of those synagogues except: "Darfur" "Save the innocents of Darfur"

Of course, afterwards, that's after Disengagement, some of the same Jews started "campaigns" to help the unfortunate Disengagement "evacuees." Blahh! As if getting a ping pong table in some teen activity room will help. A fun day at the Dead Sea won't rebuild their lives.

To put things in a more accurate perspective, read this:

Shabbat Shalom

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