Friday, June 15, 2007

Nothing exciting can be good news!

We were all pretty nervous, considering what happened last month, that perverse, sadistic chaos. Afterwards, some neighbors even admitted that for them, they had thought this month's visit was to be their last, if it was like the previous ones.

Maybe that's why so few went to Kever Rachel yesterday. Just the thought of shuttling back uselessly, and only entering the tomb over an hour after arriving... just too much for busy women.

Well, you must have guessed. It was a fine visit, very little waiting and not too crowded when we got inside. Baruch Hashem. Rachel's Tomb was very welcoming. OK, that's considering that we've almost gotten used to the horrid cement structure which turns the visit into a nightmare for the claustrophobic.

Here are some pictures:

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And no, I don't know the significance of the scarves tied all over the women's section.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just in case women come to visit and want to daven, but don't have a head covering.

Although I was there on Tuesday and I saw a be-wigged woman standing in the scarves, she had one over her face... so... who knows.

Batya said...

never thought of that...
but if they were for women without, then they would be at the entrance, no?