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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

About: Nations United, by Alex Grobman

Alex Grobman sent me his latest book, Nations United. I ended up reading it Shabbat afternoon, which surprised me.

Why did it surprise me? I've read light novels and gripping memoirs, like Tuesdays with Morrie, on long summer Shabbat afternoons, but usually anything serious just puts me to sleep. There was nothing else, and it had just arrived before Shabbat, and it's not a long book, so I opened "Nations United."
I was very pleasantly surprised. There is so much very important information and history in the book. It's a must have for anybody who wants to know the truth about Israel and the Middle East.
That's not to say that I agree with everything in the book. I'm neither an academic nor a historian. I have my opinions, and at my age, I've lived through what others call history. Since I'm not about to try to write a book to compete with Grobman's I value his.
Grobman concentrates on the infamous "Zionism is Racism" UN Resolution. He sees it as a cause of anti-Semitism/Zionism, and I see it as a result. It's the chicken-egg dilemma. Which came first?
I am convinced that if there hadn't been underlying anti-Semitism/Zionism, there never would have been such a UN Resolution, and they UN wouldn't be passing all those anti-Israel resolutions. The later repeal of the resolution was just a sign of the western world's embarrassment, like after the Holocaust.
It's the latent and active anti-Semitism in Christianity and western culture which facilitates and supports the United Nations and Arab anti-Israel policies.
But, as I said before, the book is required reading for anyone who really cares about the true history of the Modern Middle East.

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