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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Terror in Belgium

For all those who keep thinking that Israel is the most dangerous place to be and anyplace other than maybe Syria is safer, you should open your eyes.

Rescue workers treat victims outside the Maelbeek underground station, in Brussels, Belgium, March 22, 2016. REUTERS/RTL Belgium via Reuters TV

For Europe it's deja vu. Yesterday's coordinated terror attacks in Belgium rival the ones not all that long ago in France.

Belgian police are hunting an Islamic State suspect seen with two supposed suicide bombers shortly before they struck Brussels Airport in the first of two attacks that also hit the city's metro, killing at least 30 and wounding over 200.
The blasts on Tuesday claimed by the Syrian-based militants four days after the arrest in Brussels of a prime suspect in November's Paris attacks, sent shockwaves across Europe and around the world, with authorities racing to review security at airports and transit systems, and drawing an outpouring of solidarity. (Reuters)

More explosive devices reportedly were turned up Tuesday as police raided homes throughout Belgium in a desperate manhunt for a third suspect believed to have survived the morning's coordinated bombings in Brussels, where at least 34 people were killed.Belgian federal prosecutors said the search of a home in the Brussels neighborhood of Schaerbeek "led to the discovery of an explosive device containing among other things nails." Investigators also found chemical products and an ISIS flag.
At the same time, the death toll in the attacks was raised to 34, according to a Belgian security official who spoke with Associated Press. Belgian Health Minister Maggie De Block said that 250 others had been injured.
As ISIS claimed credit for the twin, rush-hour attacks, one at Zaventem Airport and the other at a Metro station near European Union headquarters, authorities carried out raids in the capital and in Antwerp that turned up what may be one piece of key evidence. (FoxNews)
I know that it's not very PC, but don't forget that Islam seems to be a key component in the makings of terrorists. Yes, the terrorists who have been plaguing Europe and also the 9/11 terror attack in the USA all have something in common... Islam, and being Arab plays a part, too.

And the "free world" shouldn't ignore that they have been welcoming millions of Arab Muslim refugees into their countries with fewer security checks than it takes to get into many Israeli malls.

So no doubt there will be more days when terror attack news reports will be broadcast, not that all that many people watch the news nowadays..


Anonymous said...

Your so-called free world you worry about?

They are the ones always blaming Israel whether at the UN and everywhere else.

Lynn said...

An honest and objective review of Islamic terrorism. Sadly, the Western world is so concerned about being PC that they prefer to endanger their fellow citizens and their countries, rather then, has v hallila, offend potential TERRORISTS along with TERRORISTS who are already plotting to destroy their people and their country. Worse, the LEFTISTS either support these murderers, or, prefer not to OFFEND these potential murderers. We, right here in Israel, face the same stupidity among our own super LEFTISTS. I prefer not to use the LANGUAGE THAT MORE ACCURATELY DESCRIBES THESE self hating 'IDIOTS'

Anonymous said...

Many masquerade as leftist jews. Instead they are paid agents of foreign powers. Apparently israel hasn't caught on yet.

Anonymous said...

I am Belgian citizen and I can guarantee you that even after these attacks most Belgians esp media are still anti-Israel. If you'll try to explain them that these things happen on a daily basis in Israel they'd say: "yeah but Israel is a terrorist country/occupier, it's not the same, we are a democracy..." It is difficult to undo the damage tens of years the media has done with its mass population brain-wash, with just one major terror attack but they are at least 1000 terror suspects in the EU [report from French intel] and its difficult/impossible for the authorities to check everyone so as Belgian PM has told the media yesterday: Expect more... "Belgium media is supernaturally evil re Israel" , that was my opinion 3 years when was busy doing research about the subject of Israel in the media. If anyone would be interested in my research, just add your email and name in a comment.

Marcel Cousineau said...

'The two el-Bakraoui brothers, both Belgian nationals, were well-known to police as longstanding criminals in the Belgian capital. More recently, it emerged that they had clear links to the Paris attacks last November that killed 130 people.'

from the guardian 'live'

Belgium, Europe, where the ISLAMIC terrorists are not arrested or under surveillance and roam free because the politically correct nuts of the left do not want to hurt the feelings of their genocidal Muslim killers.

Europe has become too stupid to survive!
Israel's left is terminal and on death watch.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

You may not be able to hide but you can still blame The Jews(tm).

Anonymous said...

The erev rav, Eisav, Yishmael Amaleikim are all interconnected and are the ones wielding power all over the world. When all Jews awaken to truth and others follow, H' will will do battle and there will be no more evil in the world.

Batya said...

Thanks for all the comments.

a 1, I'm not worried, just observing. I have enough to worry about here in Israel.

Most people will never admit they're wrong and never change their basic opinions.