Friday, February 19, 2016

Guest Post: Traif Deli vs Combating Terrorism

Traif Deli vs Combating Terrorism
a guest post by Mr. Cohen, 2016/2/18

One secular Jewish newspaper [that will remain anonymous] recently published an article about a delicatessen [that will also remain anonymous] in Manhattan.  That article was filled with praises for the famous restaurant. 

I was very impressed by the article, so I called the famous Manhattan delicatessen, and asked them two basic questions.  They admitted to me that they are not kosher and do not close on Shabbat.

My next step was to send a message to the secular Jewish newspaper.
My message asked them:
"Why do you give free publicity to a restaurant that is NOT kosher and does NOT observe Shabbat? 
Instead, you should give free publicity to an organization that actually deserves it." 

For example: You should give free publicity to the ONLY Jewish organization in the world that actually SUES TERRORISTS in court: Shurat HaDin, also known as the Israel Law Center.
They also combat the anti-Israel BDS movement.

If you possess fluency in foreign languages, or experience as a lawyer in foreign courts, then please contact Shurat HaDin / Israel Law Center, and ask them how you can volunteer to help them. 
Or volunteer to help Shurat HaDin some other way.

You can contact Shurat HaDin by going to:
www dot IsraelLawCenter dot org.

Their Israel phone number is: 972-3-7514175.
Their USA phone number is: (212) 591-0073.
Their  mailing address is: 10 HaTa'as Street, Ramat Gan 52512, Israel.

Thank you for helping!

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