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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Disturbing Visit to Mike Evan’s FOZ Museum and Pat Boone croons a missionary tune

posted by JewishIsrael.com

A former Texas Missionary’s Visit to Mike Evan’s FOZ Museum
In a stunning and very personal account former Texas missionary Shannon Nuszen, who has since converted to Judaism, describes her distressing visit to the new Friends of Zion Museum (FOZ) in Jerusalem which was founded by evangelist Mike Evans. "The building is exquisite. The art gorgeous. The presentations are impressive. The technology is state of the art. The message is heart-warming. But for somebody like me who understands the language and techniques of the most aggressive missionaries, it was infuriating and heart-breaking all at once."…more

Related Video:  Missionaries Pat Boone and Sid Roth target Jews for conversion on TBN

Pat Boone will be singing to Israeli Soldiers at the Friends of Zion Museum (FOZ) in Jerusalem today. But watch this Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) clip of Boone and Sid Roth targeting Jews for conversion and the theme song to "Exodus" will never be the same.

(BTW CUFI has just announced a partnership with the missionary network TBN...stay tuned)


Batya said...

Ellen, thanks for posting.

Batya said...

Ellen, thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't all this advertised everywhere in Israel? Billboards, etc. It is so obvious for the longest time what is going here. The state has sold itself out to Esav/Yishmael, both spiritually and physically, at the expense of the Jewish people. If it is not exposed to all the Jews in Israel and worldwide, it will get worse. Mercy.