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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Trump Ahead, because He Voices What People Think/Feel


I'm not surprised that Donald Trump, despite all the naysaying pundits, is leading in his quest to get the Republican Party nomination to be President of the United States. Today's Americans just don't trust the government nor do they trust the mainstream politicians. They've seen too much lying and corruption and they don't like the fact that the banks no longer give interest on savings accounts. They understand that the reason is that the American economy is falling down the drain.

They're impressed by a man who can build enormous real estate projects, in which some live and shop, and make money. And they're impressed by a man who isn't afraid to say exactly what they feel and think about today's USA and the issues.

It doesn't bother them that he has never held public/political office. Actually, it's a plus.

Trump's supporters hope and pray that as President he will continue to be "his own man" and not allow the usual paper-pushers to push him around.

Your average American has a justified fear of masses of refugees (or are many just opportunists at best and terrorist/anarchist "sleepers" at worst) who have no plans to assimilate into American culture and norms.

Your average American has been reading the labels on affordable clothes and the expensive ones, and they can't find anything that says "Made in America" any more.

Your average American is angry and scared.

Your average American fears the for the future of the United States of America.

Your average American doesn't like what the government has been doing these past few decades. They don't want another Clinton, Bush nor Obama clone.

And that's why Donald Trump is leading the polls.

What do you think?


aliza said...

Trump is running for President for the same reason he stepped in and took care of the Wollman Rink in Manhattan.
I agree with Batya. And can add a few points.

I happen to think that - by default - Putin is the most powerful man in the world. He flicks his finger and Obama disappears. Putin respects Trump. I think its because he sees a man without fear.

In his book Art of the Deal, Trump explains how he managed to win the friendship of a particularly tough sports coach. That ability to analyse personalities and figure out how to win them over will be very helpful to the US in foreign relations.

A President cannot know everything about what is good for the country. There are so many issues. A President needs wise, knowledgeable, competent advisers. A President needs to hire advisers - not to people whom he owes political favors to - but people who will give him good, solid service. Trump is an ace at hiring good people. He won't stand for less than the best.

Good decision making habits are important for the President. Contrary to Trump's arrogant behavior - once he had hired the best people - he listens to them. He respects what they say. Then he makes his own decision. The listening part is crucial and the ability to make a solid decision is another separate quality. Trump has both.

Trump is having a great time on the campaign trail. He loves people. He loves them even more when they love him. Some people think he is shallow because he is having a good time. His happy attitude bothers them. They have to come up with reasons to discount him. I think it would be great to have a leader who knows how to enjoy life.

Trump has been through tough times - but he scrambles back up to the top. He has learned from his mistakes. He has good values and works hard for them. Is he perfect? No way! Is he excellent? I think so.

Batya Medad said...

Aliza, thanks. Great points, so true.

Netivotgirl said...

Your post contains valid points. America is indeed in need of a strong leader and many Americans support Trump. I for one ABHOR him for being so egotistical and loudmouthed. Is there anyone better?? On the democratic side, no way Jose! In the GOP ranks, perhaps Ted Cruz. WE however are living in the best place to be at this pre-Geula time. Thanks again for another thought-provoking post dear Batya!

aliza said...

Thanks Batia.

Trump is not really leading. If there is a split between Trump and anti-Trump - if the anti-Trumps consolidate - then they can sink Trump. At the moment the anti-Trumps are split too many ways to come close to him.

I think Marco Rubio has a chance of being the nominee.
And I think he would be a good choice.
We have two good choices. Trump or Rubio.
They are different. But each have their appeal.

Batya Medad said...

NG, I think that all politicians, especially the successful ones have terribly large egos. It's goes with the package.
Aliza, yes, the Republican machine is trying to unite into an "anybody but Trump" party. But the Republican vs Democrat polls show that Trump is the strongest to win.

aliza said...

In the next month or so, we will know if Michael Bloomberg will be running as an independent.