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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Antisemitism- Are we Paranoid or Pragmatic?

There are those of us who see and feel antisemitism as the underlying source of numerous/all acts against Israel and Jewish People all over the world.

And we also see many people who deny their antisemitism as antisemites. Their antipathy to Jews and Israel is so natural, ingrained and rationalized that they honestly don't realize the actual source.

  • Can the illogical disproportionately huge amount of United Nations and Security Council resolutions and papers against Israel have any source other than antisemitism? 
  • Can the unprecedentedly severe punishment and continued punishment of Jonathan Jay Pollard have any rationale besides antisemitism?
  • Can the acceptance by the world of Nazi Holocaust/extermination of European Jewry have any cause other than antisemitism? Please remember that the war against the Nazis was to stop its political takeover of Europe and Great Britain, not to stop the systematic murders. 
  • Can the Inquisition or the Crusaders invasion and pillaging of the Holy Land have any cause other than antisemitism?
  • Can the pressure on Israel to rollback its miraculous victory in the war for survival, June, 1967 Six Days War, be anything other than antisemitism?
I can go on and on. What examples can you think of? Please comment, thanks.


Lynn said...

An honest & objective view of the current international growth of Anti- Semitism. What is most disturbing is the SILENCE of American Jewish Organizations & the SILENCE of the majority of American Jews. Is this a sign of fear, indifference, support of anti Zionist Jewish sources, or, total assimilation into the American Democrat Party outlook. Between Bernie Sanders, a self hating Sicialist Jew, or, Hillary Clinton, whose past performance & language, makes her a rather ambivalent friend of Israel, American Jews have been absorbed into the anti Israel morass.

Batya Medad said...

Lynn, thank you. Glad you see it this way, too. But too bad that we're right.

Nach said...

To paraphrase two Sages of blessed memory, 1. Ben-Ish Hai 2.Rav Yehuda Ha"Hassid:
The gentile will not lift up his hand against a Jew unless the Jew does evil to a fellow Jew first.

If you agree with the above like I do, then it looks like that there are and were lots of evil doers one to the other from within our own ranks which explains the predicament we are, were, (will be?)in.

Anonymous said...

Also, the anti-semitism, after being exiled to the four corners of the earth, kept us from disappearing. That's why H' built in the pintele sinah in them, which kept the Jew on his toes and not mingling with them. The big assimilation started when freedoms were granted in the modern world. Slowly, Torah was being abandoned and liberalism (one of the erev rav's isms) took over. B'H, for the wonderful Yehudim who never abandoned our heritage, traditions and, of course, our holy Torah. That's why we are referred to as the 'remnant' of Yisrael who will merit the coming of Moshiach.

Batya Medad said...

Interesting thanks