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Monday, February 1, 2016

P.A. Cop Shoots Israeli Soldiers, Act of War?

Israeli security forces standing by the body of a Palestinian attacker at the scene of shooting attack at a checkpoint near the Jewish settlement of Beit El in the West Bank before being shot dead, Jan. 31, 2016. (Flash 90)
Israeli security forces standing by the body of a Palestinian who opened fire on Israeli soldiers near the Jewish settlement of Beit El in the West Bank before being shot dead, Jan. 31, 2016. (Flash 90)

Is it just me who thinks that Israel should finally take off the gloves and stop lying to itself. The recent shooting attack by a Palestinian Authority police officer on Israeli soldiers at the entrance to Beit El should be considered an act of war against Israel. And that's especially since Abbas and cronies haven't bothered condemning it. Without a speedy and unprompted condemnation it's clear that the Palestinian Authority approves of it.
“The Palestinian terrorist who shot three IDF soldiers today near Beit El was a member of the Palestinian Authority's security forces. Mahmoud Abbas has not condemned this attack that was carried out by one of his men,” Netanyahu wrote on Facebook.
“I demand that the international community stop its hypocrisy and do everything in its power to pressure the Palestinian Authority to stop its incitement against Israel,” added the Prime Minister.
It represents the latest case in which members of the PA security forces have acted - apparently of their own accord - to carry out or aid attacks against Israelis.(Arutz 7)
It's about time that we stop this fantasy that it's possible to negotiate peace with those who are called "Palestinians," sic. And we must also recognize that all the countries that demand we facilitate the establishment of a state for them are also our enemies. AND WE MUST CEASE THE SUPPORT FOR A TWO STATE sic SOLUTION!! It would only cause war tahd the destruction of the State of Israel, Gd forbid, which is the ultimate aim of the Arabs and their allies!!


dvorah rut Weidner said...

Israel is not lying to itself. There is a plan. A Plan. And this is why the medinat does nothing other than arrest and evict Jews. The Plan. It may be unbelievable, but if there is anyone that needs to stop lying to itself it is us. We need to open our eyes and accept that there is a Plan, and it is not for the benefit of us. It will be revealed soon.

Batya Medad said...

Of course, the attack is nothing new, but still it's awful that the government refuses to take real steps.

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

I agree with Dvorah Rut. It's more than awful that the government has never taken real steps to secure the nation, it's downright scandalous and heads should have rolled a long time ago if we had been governed properly. If I understand her correctly, she is referring to the oversight of the nation's destruction -- the land and its people -- by its own government.

At 11 years old I saw the 6-Day War (I know, Batya, you were an adult by then. You saw more. But I have a reason for this part...), and by the time I was 13 I was hearing that Jews should not travel or live in the new areas left to us by the war! I didn't understand this! And then the government gave up the Sinai and gerushed the Jews there.

I have learned some things recently - if you follow Rav Richter, you probably have too - that tell the truth, that it was NEVER the government's intention to stand by Torah- and land-loving Jews here in E"Y. I used to say, "I can forgive them, it's a young country..." No longer. They didn't have to obey the nations of the world (UN, USA, etc.) - the times when leadership did stand up to the US and win were just enough so we know there was a choice all along.

They have not learned any lessons and have not done teshuva. Otherwise, the settler and the Haredi they see when they look in the mirror would be friendly faces, not scowling ones. And settler would not be a dirty word!

Marcel Cousineau said...

I'm always seeing Netanyahu (and other Israeli leaders) demanding that the world do something while he/ they do nothing but make nice, empty speeches.

It's been the same failed Israeli policy with Iran, waiting, trusting on others to do what Israel alone needed to do.

What the matter invalid, paralyzed nation ? No faith in haShem or too much misplaced faith in false idols like your American Idol ?

Another example of failed Israeli leadership is Netanyahu waiting for Hamas to make a move instead of dealing with the NOW MAJOR threat beforehand.
It is clear that Israel's leaders are afraid of worthless world opinion more than they fear God.... because worthless world opinion is who Netanyahu and the godless left serve above God.

It's not a matter of 'IF' but WHEN, Mr. big speech man.

""If we are attacked from the tunnels in the Gaza Strip, we will act with more force than in Operation Protective Edge,' Netanyahu says at an ambassadors' conference at the Israeli Foreign Ministry.""

TALK, talk, talk and do nothing because you are afraid to anger the perverted nations whom you bow to instead of God!

Neshama said...

This is the same as the Jordanian Officers shooting at touring girls, or any Israeli he wants to, and then the Jordanian govt says that the soldier was 'deranged'. Yes, deranged, as in 'hates israelis'. I bet the PA will come out and say he was not mentally fit, but then reward his family with lots of cash!

Batya Medad said...

Exactly. You are all right. Thanks for commenting.

Marcel Cousineau said...

I was thinking about the 12 spies Moshe sent out to spy the land.
Only two out of the twelve believed, Joshua and Calev, the rest were small and fearful grasshoppers.

Israel's biggest problem is that the nation is ruled by grasshoppers.

The little grasshoppers love the 2 state final solution, they only know retreat, appeasing the enemies of Israel, talking big but never acting, tearing down Jewish homes, rewarding bad behavior of the Palestinian occupiers of the land, limiting building in Yesha and serving the agenda of the giants, US, UN, EU who strike fear in them.

Pray for God to fire them, send the grasshoppers packing and to go and do grasshopper work more suitable for them.

Batya Medad said...

Marcel, I think you've read enough of my writing to know what I think of democracy... the rule of idiots... That's what the "sin of the spies" was all about. The majority is frequently wrong.