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Saturday, February 20, 2016

No Age No Criteria When it Comes to Terrorists

Whether 13 or 31, Arabs who attack to with intention to kill us are terrorists. Those young teenagers who wield their scissors, knives, guns etc. are not misguided children; THEY ARE FULL BLOWN DANGEROUS ARAB TERRORISTS!!

Scene at Damascus Gate January 30th
Security Camera
After watching incitement videos online and praying at Al-Aqsa Mosque, two Arab teens decided to murder Jews. (Arutz 7)
Neither they nor their parents deserve any sympathy. Arab society today, with the help of Arab schools funded by the United Nations, Europe and international NGOs are training Arab children to believe that Israel is the cause of all their problems, and that they should kill Jews.

Remember that these teenagers have less maturity, fewer compunctions and are actually more dangerous than older Arab terrorists.
Two 15-year-old boys and one 17-year-old killed by Israeli forces in two separate incidents in the occupied West Bank. (Al Jazeera)
And if they survive the attacks, they will become celebrities among their friends which will only encourage more youngsters to murder Jews.

Remember that today's teenage terrorists use very simple weapons, scissors and knives, which are very easily available and simple to hide. Also, all the while that youngsters are considered as innocent kids, they aren't inspected properly. Today's profiling must "upgrade" the dangers of Arab teenagers. The guards at Rami Levy shouldn't be asking to see my lunch/dinner and extra jacket that are in my backpack; they should be checking every single Arab very carefully with high-tech metal detectors and more.

The only way to stop this wave is immediate execution, destroy the home of the terrorist and penalize the schools, like having any foreign volunteers deported. Take away the "romanticism" of terrorism that it has for those young terrorists. Make sure that the families and schools suffer and take responsibility.

Tuvia Yanai Weissman and his wife Yael
A young Jewish Israeli father was murdered Thursday afternoon by a teenage terrorist, because you don't have to be an adult to kill. The fact that the murderers were underage doesn't diminish the death of Tuvia Yanai Weissman, HaYa"D.

We Israelis should stop yearning for peace and just take care of security, because that is the only way we will have true peace! And the first thing when making for a secure nation is to remember who is numero uno, #1, what is our focus and priority. That is what is good for us, not our enemies!!!


Marcel Cousineau said...

'After watching incitement videos online and praying at Al-Aqsa Mosque, two Arab teens decided to murder Jews'

The terrible reality is that Israel's enemies are not getting the right message yet.
All they see is weakness,weakness and more weakness... and that is too tempting to pass up, even with a pair of scissors.

What if they had no al-Aqsa Mosque to go to ?

We hear how IS wants to come to Jerusalem.
Israel could dump/deliver the Mosque to Raqqa as a 'goodwill' gesture...

or Israel could dump it in the middle of the Mediterranean so that the jihad clan can learn to swim and dive deep to pray to their strange god.

What if they followed in the footsteps of the millions of Syria refugees and left Israel,
went to pray in the barren deserts of Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia?

Or maybe the Europeans would gladly take them in. You know how much they love the Palestinian's. lol

What's that old saying; When you show kindness to the cruel, you become cruel to the kind.
That is where Israel has landed with it's insane and suicidal appeasement policies.

We can see daily how Israel's puppy minister Benji rewards Hamas and pays them the jizya for their promise to eliminate Israel and every living Jew.

I don't believe Israeli s going to see much in the way of common sense change and sane moves until the grasshoppers who rule Israel are sent into retirement (like the 2 Ehud's) and replaced with men who refuse to bow to the agenda and will of the wicked nations.

Batya Medad said...

Exactly, well-put. Thanks for the comment.

Shiloh said...

Yes Marcel, the answer will be the Mashiach, the one who wont bow to pressure from within and without. But we truly don't believe its possible. Even if God has already identified publically a person, the rabbi's will keep it hush. The answer is already here, but the sheeple are not believers in the reality.

Ruby Management said...

The author underestimates how entrenched terrorism is in the mindset of the Arab people, and is blasting the security establishment for not taking strong enough measures. The penalties suggested are way too soft, I thought the author is upset not enough is being done? Why offer insufficient penalties as an answer, do you not understand how entrenched terror is in the mind of the Arab community? Do you not yet understand the magnitude of the enemy you are dealing with? It will take more than hitting the terrorists family or penalties against his school, try taking out a whole village and deporting them, that will get the message across, and I am not sure if even greater measures than that will be needed too. Removal and deportation into the decrepid Middle eastern countries where they belong will get a huge message across. Demolitions, punishing schools, terrorist families, have it all wrong. Never underestimate your enemy!