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Friday, February 26, 2016

Guest Post: message to a Jewish Blogger

One popular Jewish blogger posts a few messages every week.
Her blog posts are harmless, but are relentlessly focused on trivial matters.

I recently sent this message to her blog:

Dear (name omitted to avoid Lashon HaRa),

I realize that you will delete this message,
but are some things that I MUST say to you:

When will you use your blog to help combat anti-Jewish propaganda?
When will you use your blog to help combat media bias against Israel?
When will you use your blog to help combat the anti-Israel BDS movement?
When will you use your blog to help combat Islamic terrorism?

After 120 years, the Heavenly Court WILL ask you these questions!

You will then have to explain why you only used your blog to discuss trivial matters, instead of using it to help your fellow Jews who were being attacked because they were Jews, and needed all the help they could get.

Mr. Cohen
Please help Shurat HaDin SUE the terrorists in court:

PS: Check out these pro-Israel web sites:
www.camera.org * www.HonestReporting.com * www.memri.org *
www.ActForAmerica.org * www.aish.com
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Marcel Cousineau said...

For many, the truth is too hard to deal with and so they bury their heads deep in the sand or they live a life of fantasy and delusion's.

Such is the peace process that has turned Israel into Disney World of the Middle East where it's government and wise fools think that making the Palestinian enemy stronger with money gifts, food, goodwill insanity will keep the faux peace illusion alive.

The sad reality is that Israel is ruled by bumbling nuts incapable of even defeating Hamas, and maybe the only sanity left in the country is talking about nonsense and stupid things that don't matter or praying a lot every day for God to intervene.



Batya Medad said...

Not all blogs, like not all magazines must be serious. For that reason I have two active blogs. One, namely this one is very serious, and I give other writers, like the author of this post, the opportunity to voice an opinion publically, and on my other blog, called "A Jewish Grandmother," I write more about the mundane. The mundane includes, health and family values. I consider both blogs to be important.

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

Batya, do you think Mr. Cohen's post was directed at someone's mundane side, not knowing this person has a serious blog also?

Of course, I'm sure he didn't reveal at all who it was, and I'm not going to guess. The whole issue is not simple b'clal.

Shavua tov. May H' help us all.

Batya Medad said...

I don't know whom he complained about.