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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How Dangerous is it Here in Israel?

As I and many others have said over and over, Arab terror attacks aren't the greatest danger in Israel. They certainly aren't as prevalent as the press (and our enemies and the BDS) would want you to think. Traffic accidents kill more people for sure.

It's very rare for me to actually "take precautions" against terror attacks, besides trying to keep alert and not using earphones to listen to classes when walking in Jerusalem or on buses. But the other night, I davka had to wait where there have been quite a few attacks, the Ammunition Hill, near Ramat Eshkol, bus/trolley stop. I had arranged to meet friends there who were going to give me a ride home.

So, since Arab terrorists who aim to stab innocent Jews need to sneak up behind us, I made a point of sitting on a bench that had a back higher than my head.  Actually, it was a nice sheltered one. You can see that in the selfie I took while waiting. And, until a bus came to park itself and block my view, I could see a police van, and Gd willing they could see me from across the street. And as you can see in the picture, there were also barriers up to keep the terrorists from ramming into us.

I felt pretty silly taking all these precautions, but it did no harm. From what I've noticed, things have pretty much returned to normal, at least I don't see any need to fear visiting Israel.


ellen said...

I live in Buenos Aires, and come to Israel once a year to visit my son and grandchildren. Argentine acquaintances ask me if it is not dangerous there . Dangerous ? Living in Argentina is dangerous...!There are more murders here in one day than there are stabbings in Israel in a year ! When one looks at the state of the world,there is no safer place to live and none better

Batya Medad said...

ellen, thanks for commenting. I have a question for you. Do tourists visit Argentina?

Janifer Doll said...