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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Guest Post: The Guy Who Never Watches a Movie -- Watches a Movie

More than one funny thing happened to me and my wife on the way to watch a movie. My wife Janet decided to give herself a fun outing. She saw on the the OU Israel Center Torah Tidbits that there was going to be a free video showing of the movie "Driving Miss Daisy" at the Israel Center on Tuesday. She was also going to go to a dance class at the Israel Center before it. Would I like to come to the movie with her and either come after the dance class or do something else in the city before it? Well, maybe. I had a scheduling problem. I had Skype events before and after it. Was there a way to solve it? Well, maybe.
The thing I tried to do to solve the problem didn't work out. I said, "Let me see if I can find this movie. So I googled it and -- voila -- http://www.moviesub.net/watch/driving-miss-daisy-1989/1684.html. A whole hour and 40 minutes, starring Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy with Dan Aykroyd. Produced in 1989, set in Atlanta in the changing South of the '50's. I suppose you have heard of it. It is about an elderly Southern Jewish woman and the bond with her African-American driver.  It rings TOTALLY true to life. If you haven't seen it, see it. If you once saw it, you have the link and you can watch it again. So we saw the movie without having to leave home.
Now here comes the next funny thing. My wife changes her plans. She reschedules a cosmetic treatment in the yishuv which was postponed because of lack of electricity in the place where it was supposed to happen. She prepares to go off to the treatment and then leave directly for Jerusalem to go to the dance class plus a number of errands. I pack her some sandwiches and put some things together and send her off. A few minutes later she walks back in. What happened? Again the electricity is off in the place where the cosmetic place and it is postponed once more. And THEN Janet notices a text message on her phone from last night that one of the assistants at the dentist where she fills in in Jerusalem is sick. So, all packed up, she goes off to the city, but to work and no dance class. Maybe next week. But we saw a great movie!


Batya said...

Love it. So real and typical of life.

Mr. Cohen said...

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Batya said...

Send me an email. How can I contsct you?

Mr. Cohen said...

Batya Medad, contact me at: DerechEmet@yahoo.com

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