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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Will These Poles Really Protect Us?

Yes, it's deja vu time yet again. 

The two most popular, rather low tech, methods the Arab terrorists have been using to try to murder us of late are pretty old. 

#1- Stabbing, of course is the simplest, because every home kitchen has knives that can murder, and they're pretty easy to hide. One of the very first Arab terror murder by stabbing that made a strong impression on me was when Arab terrorists knifed/stabbed Aharon Gross, HaYa"D, in Hebron over thirty-two years ago. That's because I know the family very well. And there is nothing one can actually do, besides trying to be hyper-alert, against a stabbing attack.

#2- Ramming a Vehicle into Innocent Bystanders, for this one needs vehicle, a car or as some terrorists have used, a tractor or any other mobile weapon. It's close to twenty years since I was run over by what may have been the first terrorist to try that method. It's amazing how unprepared ordinary people waiting for a bus may be and how quickly and easily a vehicle can veer onto the sidewalk to kill and maim. There have even been unintended accidents with the same deadly results.

I remember how twenty years ago after I had been injured how quickly the government put poles up by that bus stop, and now they're at it again.

Cement barricades are used, too, on main roads.

They are all only effective if people make a point of standing behind them, but none of these methods will make any difference when it comes to knife attacks, unfortunately.

All I can say on an optimistic note is that the attacks are less common than the headlines would make you believe, and more and more times armed and trained civilians, along with official security, have managed to quickly and promptly execute the terrorist, thank Gd. That is what also happened to the terrorist who attacked me, seriously injured a couple a dozen and murdered a woman.


Marcel Cousineau said...

This is a war to the death, to the end for Islam against 'infidel' Israel.
Nothing is going to stop them from attempting to wipe out every Jew 'behind the tree' and remove Israel from polluting dar al Islami. The Palestinian's show this on their maps of Israel for decades.
Only a fool or many fools believe peace is possible with Islam.

The only way this will end is when Islam is destroyed.... or Israel is destroyed.
It's one or the other!

Sadly Israel, deceived by her leaders, and so politically incorrect, feeds on the wind and is not even capable of facing this reality.

Batya Medad said...

So true, Marcel, there's no way we can negotitate and the policians are just trying to trick the public,