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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bernie Sanders: Good for Israel or Jews?

For someone of my age who grew up in the United States, the idea that a Jew is now considered a "frontrunner" of sorts to be President of the United States is rather amazing. But as an Israeli for almost half a century, I look at it with different eyes.

Friends and family of mine in the states who feel about the issues, the "situation," in Israel as I do, don't vote Democrat. And I strongly doubt that they'd change their minds to try to put a Jew in the White House. Intelligent and idealistic people vote policy not "color," religion or "pride." The novelty of having a Jew as President of the United States is not enough of a reason to have an extreme Leftist who repeats the same anti-Israel mantras as Obama and the United Nations.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders speaking at a campaign fundraising reception at the Avalon Hollywood nightclub in Los Angeles, October 14, 2015. (David McNew/Getty Images/via JTA)

In all honesty, even though your typical assimilated America-first Jew will finally feel fully accepted and relieved to finally have a Jew holding top office, my priority is how he relates to the State of Israel and its very complicated simple* security issues.

Sanders own campaign site makes it clear that "evenhandedness" is a good way to describe his policies vis a vis Israel and the so-called Palestinians, sic.
Jewish Heritage: Bernie is Jewish, but he does not favor Israel over the Palestinians, nor does he otherwise let his religion influence his positions regarding the conflict.
Two-State Solution: Bernie believes that Israel and the Palestinians can, and should, peacefully co-exist, and that Palestinians should have a country of their own.
On Netanyahu & Iran: Bernie is not a big supporter of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and believes that diplomacy, not military action or economic sanctions, can keep Israel safe from Iran.
Many presidential wannabes convincingly mouth pro-Israel platitudes while running for office, but we haven't yet seen anyone change the traditional pro-Arab and anti-Israel policies emanating from the State Department.

And we must not forget that although Sanders doesn't deny being a Jew, his wife isn't and neither are their children. It's davka Donald Trump who has Jewish grandchildren...

*I changed the adjective to simple, because in all honesty, anyone who listens with even half an ear to what our Arab enemies unabashedly say know perfectly well that they are out to destroy us, and they have the support, financial and diplomatic of most of the world, especially the United Nations and the European Union.


Anonymous said...

Definitely not good for the Jews or Israel. He is a self-proclaimed socialist/communist, which goes against every that is Torah. Also, he, as has been said many times on the radio, is an athiest. Secondly, there is very little chance he will be elected.

Batya Medad said...

That's the only type of Jew who can be selected, but I agree his chances are small.

gar yaldah said...

just seeing how many Muslims are giving him the vote..it says a lot..maybe he turns to another Soros..not a good choice..

CR said...

Donald John Trump is reminiscent of Oskar Schindler; he's been dubbed the Trumpet, by a speculative few, thus far.

Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton's grandchildren [Chelsea Victoria Clinton-Mezvinsky's expecting their second, to catch up to Ivanka Marie Trump-Kushner's expected third] are also half-Jewish.

If the last 8 years are any indication, it should be a Wild ride ~ globally ~ should Trump, Sanders, or Clinton be elected U.S. President because the Jewish connection is something the Americans aren't cognizant of: Barack Hussein is half-brother to a pair of African-American Jews, namely David Ndesandjo also known as David Opiyo Obama[Deceased] and Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo [whose wife is Chinese]; Joseph Ndesandjo is Mark's younger brother, born during Ruth's second marriage.

CR said...

Great title, btw, indicative of the distinction between what may be good for Israel may not be so good for Judea

Anonymous said...

CR - Trump's daughter is a full Jew; she had an Orthodox conversion and it appears they are living a modern frum life. Whereas, Clinton's daughter never converted and their children are non Jews, not half-Jews; there is no such thing.

Batya Medad said...

CR, "half-Jewish" with non-Jewish mother is 100% non-Jew. And as Anonymous Anonymous said, Ivanka Trump is now Jewish, and is very open about their keeping Shabbat etc. So, Trump does have Jewish grandchildren.
gar yaldah, Sanders is a "Soros" or worse.

Neshama said...

I think he is a huge fool, stuck in mid-life male crisis.

Batya Medad said...

He's past mid-life for sure, but Hillary is no youngster either. That doesn't say much for the Democrats.