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Friday, January 15, 2016

ISIS Arab Muslim Terror International

Terror has no borders, or more specifically, ISIS Arab Muslim Terror is no longer "restricted," as if it ever really was, to Israel.
Attackers set off a series of explosions in a bustling shopping area of Indonesia's capital city Thursday morning in what authorities said was an imitation of last November's terror attacks in Paris that killed 130 people. Backers of the Islamic State terror group claimed responsibility
You don't see all those "warnings" from consulates and nagging aunties, busybodies etc telling people not to travel to Europe, Asia etc the way they tell people that Israel isn't safe.

Many, many countries are much more dangerous than Israel. Paris has been plagued by terror of late, and random shootings in America can't be predicted of course.  And as I've written, car accidents in Israel are much more likely than a terror attack. And the murder rate in most of the world, especially the United States is higher than the chance of being injured or killed by terrorists in Israel.

Keep that thought with you...

And as a survivor of an Arab terror attack, close to twenty years ago, I want to tell you how it changed my way of looking at it. Suddenly I didn't fear my own safety, because it's clear that we have no control at all. Surviving is up to Gd. Gd decides when we die and even how. We are just pawns and must live our lives as if we have little time. And as my late mother used to say:
"I'm not afraid to go to Israel, because more people die near their homes and in the bathroom."


Marcel Cousineau said...

I can't help but notice how all those nations which have targeted Israel with their unending and undeserved abuse and elevated the Islamic, Palestinian terrorists (inventors of the suicide bombings) to victims and a desirable and acceptable cult that worships death (at Israel's expense) are now paying dearly for their evil hypocrisy.

The list of countries grows daily, Obadiah 15 is being fulfilled now!

This is why God has given America B. HUSSEIN o. to lead the nation (and it's phony peace scam against Israel) off the cliff.

Batya said...

Good point thanks