Sunday, January 17, 2016

My "Alternative International Jewish Newspaper," aka HH*

*HH = Havel Havelim is the oldest, most veteran and longest-running Jewish blog carnival in the world! HH used to float from blog to blog weekly, but the past who knows how long it has been appearing floundering on my blogs, appearing every month or so. I still think that a round-up of Jewish and Israeli blog posts from all over has value and should interest people. I do describe blogging as running my own internet magazine, so it makes sense to let my readers know that there are other blogs around, ok, maybe not quite as fascinating as mine...or maybe more so.... There's a facebook group in which I keep in touch with other bloggers and those who like to read HH, click here. Years ago, I started another Jewish blog carnival, which I call the Kosher Cooking Carnival, but now I just add the kosher food posts to Havel Havelim.

I hope that long winded introduction didn't send you scrolling for something else to read. If you're still here, good. Let me know which is your favorite post or two or three, and also let me know which other blogs you like and think should be included. And if you're a blogger who'd like to host a very special Jewish carnival aka Havel Havelim, then you're blessed.  Please let me know. And also if you have a blog post to include for next time, then mail the link to me, thanks,

To keep this blog carnival alive, I'm limiting it to 18 חי Chai=Life posts! Now, please click on the various post titles; read, comment and share, of course.

Parshat Shavua, Weekly Torah Portion and Other Jewish Topics:
From house to House (Bo 5776)
The Real Reason Israel Suffers
Story: Rich Man Insults Unwanted Guest
Donald Trump in the Torah

Above & Beyond
Does Sarkozy Know History???
The Rights of Indigenous People…Like the Jews!
A Visit to Camp (Betar) – A Farewell to Benny (8/13/2015)

Jewish Books:
The Pater," A Book Review
Jewish Book Carnival!
Winners of the 2016 Sydney Taylor Book Awards

Life in Israel:
National Religious Breaking The Glass Ceiling
Calling Overseas/Free US Phone Numbers (Money Saving Tip)
Israel vs Sweden: Hotobelli Earns her Votes!
Car Blanc
Should you hang with other English speakers? Yes, and here’s why.

Food, Kosher of Course:
Beer7 Festival
Hit The Spot Lentil Soup

Yes, count, please. There are only 18 posts here, including my own. If you'd like to be included next time and not just take a random chance that I'll notice your post, then please send it (that's the link) to me, ok?

I hope you enjoy the posts I chose. Please read, comment and of course share. And don't forget to tell everyone where you found them. And share this edition of Havel Havelim, too, thank you!


Lorri M. said...

Thank you so much for including my link in the HH!

Batya said...

Thank you!!