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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Arab Terrorists aren't Convinced by Kindness

I wish people would get real and stop fantasizing and projecting their own innate goodness. Even the reactions from the Jewish communities that have recently been the scenes of cruel Arab terror attacks have included some surprisingly naive statements. The spokespeople, official or not, have told the media of what good relations they try to have with the neighboring Arabs.

Knock! Knock! Get real! We're not dealing with an enemy that wants peace!

Think about it, please. Terrorism isn't caused by socio-economic problems or lack of educational and career opportunities. The problems, violence and terrorism in Arab society can't be repaired with money and classic rehab. Even amongst themselves there is a level of violence your typical Israeli, typical Jew just can't imagine. And it's no secret. And they have no problem believing the lies about Israel and the alleged plans of attacks against them.
PA TV lies to kids:"Barbaric" Israel’s goal is to kill kids - so don't walk alone!Israel is “killing people everywhere” 
(Palestine Media Watch)

We have a very dangerous enemy, and it will take decades and generations to stop them completely if that's possible. But the fastest way to reduce the violence, the terrorism,  is to punish swiftly, completely and consistently. Immediate execution is the only way. Arab terrorists are not ordinary criminals and must not be given the same rights as a criminal. They are wedded to their ideology and their culture, which is a very deadly combination.


Netivotgirl said...

You are spot on Batya. I however am too distressed and fed up to write more than this. Keep up publicizing THE TRUTH and may Hashem bless you my dear!!

Batya Medad said...

Thanks please kerp sharing my posts

Batya Medad said...

Thanks please kerp sharing my posts

Marcel Cousineau said...

'Even the reactions from the Jewish communities that have recently been the scenes of cruel Arab terror attacks have included some surprisingly naive statements'

The Israeli media propaganda and brainwashing of the gullible has worked well.

The same thing is going on here in the US with our own Government and media feeding us lie after lie.
Do you know the media and the lying politician are still feeding us the big lie that Islam is a religion of peace.
Who but a fool would believe this lie ?

If you ask the lying media or lying politician's; "WHERE IS THIS PEACE", "anywhere", "around the world" ?
They will run away from you very fast or try and feed you more fables and deluding influences.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. Which Jew wit an IQ above 0 doesn't know that they want to eradicate us. Besides, that obvious fact, the Arabs are known to respect one thing only 'strength'. Coddling them is the worst thing anyone can do. They are now being coddled by those in charge and allowing them to get away with literal murder. Once the govt wakes and puts down its foot and shows its strength, there will be no more terror, not only because of the obvious, but because it would be a kiddush H'.

Shiloh said...

We have to realize there are good in every culture and pure evil in every culture including our own club. What must be done which is completely legal under international law is to annex the land. Then those who want to live as normal humans building the best country in the world are welcome to participate. Those for humanitarian reasons cannot accept living in a Jewish state would receive a one way ticket to a sponsoring country with a pocket full of cash. Those who prefer to attempt our demise will themselves meet such a fate by letting the IDF do what they are brilliantly trained to do. Defend our country. Don't think for a second this is without God, we will have a tremendous amount of world pressure and we WILL have divine help. We must have the courage to take the first step, whether king Bibi or whomever God decides will be His representative. For all you who claim belief in God, why would you not believe that God has already identified the answer to the problems. Its up to the people. Its time.

Batya Medad said...

Some good points there, but please remember that as obvious as things seems to us, otherwise rational people get all mushy brained when they "dream of peace."

Shiloh said...

Batya, we have to create our own destiny. Do you not even believe in God? There is nothing mushy brained about it. It is completely workable.