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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Israel vs Sweden: Hotobelli Earns her Votes!

Tzipi Hotoveli
Flash 90
Swedish Foreign Minister
Margot Wallstrom
REUTERS/Claudio Bresciani/
TT News Agency

I've been a bit disappointed in Likud's Tzippi Hotoveli of late, since her strong Right views seemed to have been dulled the longer she is in the Knesset and now the cabinet, but now with her on target condemnation of the Swedish Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom, I'm happy with her performance as Deputy Foreign Minister.
Israel summoned the Swedish ambassador on Wednesday to convey what it described as its "rage" at a call by Stockholm's top diplomat for an investigation to determine whether Israeli forces were guilty of extrajudicial killings of Palestinians.
Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom's remarks on Tuesday were the latest in a series of statements to stoke Israeli resentment that has simmered since the Scandinavian country recognized Palestinian statehood last year.
The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem said in a statement that it called in Swedish Ambassador Carl Magnus Nesser to reprimand him over what it deemed "another statement by her (Wallstrom) that attests to her biased and even hostile attitude to Israel". (Reuters)
Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nachshon said Wallstrom would not be welcome to visit Israel. His comments served as a clarification to remarks made earlier in the day by Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely who said Israel was closing its door to visits from Swedish officials in the wake of Wallstrom’s words.
Speaking during a tour of Samaria with cadets in the Foreign Ministry diplomatic training course, Hotovely said “Israel was sending in the clearest manner possible a very sharp message to Sweden saying that it is backing terrorism and giving a tail wind to Islamic State to act throughout Europe.” (Jerusalem Post)
Hotovelli's popularity was originally due to the fact that she had seemed an uncompromising patriot supporting Jewish Life in all of the Land of Israel and sensitive to the international antisemitism which has never really waned. Recently she seemed to be playing the more moderate role, too much like Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu who has stated that he thinks that a Prime Minister should be a Centrist and not on the Right.

A Palestinian hits an Israeli motorist in the West Bank city of Hebron October 20, 2015. 
Photographer © Mussa Qawasma / Reuters


Anonymous said...

Most of those who have real right wing intentions to fix things usually have no choice but to back down. Even as hard as they try, they are put in their place and can go no further, if they don't want to get in trouble. Simple, think we all know that by now.

Batya said...

"no choice.."? that's hard for me to accept

Marcel Cousineau said...

Israel to it's shame has always been the easy target of it's phony friends.
Like the US,EU and UN, the Swedes know that they can gain temporary peace dividends with their out of control Islamic invaders by attacking Israel.
Israel has proven time and time again that it is the easiest nation on the earth to push around with little to no cost in the end.
The cowardly hypocrites could never bring themselves to demand a change in the Arab's and Islam's mindset of jihad against the West.
Their heads might get cut off.
They don't find that risk or any risk bashing Israel.

It's the fault of weak,spineless, fearful leaders that Israel has become so easy to walk over.
Weak, retreating, always appeasing and backtracking Israeli politicians who prove that they stand for nothing except groveling to the perverted nations in order to gain some cheap love and worthless acceptance has been a recipe for the attacks against Israel that are only growing.
This new slavery to the will of the nations is ingrained, even with the Likud.
Will Hotolevey become the first Israelei politician to break the mold of the Vassal state ?
... Or will she capitulate to Dhimmi Minister Netanyahu who has never missed an opportunity to bend to the threats and demands of his globalist masters ?

Batya said...

I don't think there are any Likud (or Israeli) politicians actually leading Right. They seem to trip and reverse themselves when in power. There's just an occasional soundbyte or two here and there to tease us...

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