Friday, January 22, 2016

I Am Sick and Tired of the Anti-Jewish/Israel Hypocrisy!!

Apparently I'm not the only one just totally fed up with the lies and hypocrisy used against Israel and Jewish civil rights. Last night I saw an amazing video, highlights of a speech Caroline Glick had given.
Caroline Glick shut down the debate with this bombshell speech

Glick says here what I think and feel much better than I could ever do, so on this "short Friday" before Shabbat, I'll leave you with her. And unfortunately the recent decisions of the Israeli Government forcing Jews out of a Jewish owned home in Hebron is just more proof of how sick the situation is.

What about our civil rights? Why does not only the world, but the majority of Israeli politicians, the media, academics etc all support a judenrein Land of Israel?

PS Thanks to Marcel


Marcel Cousineau said...

It took me a while, but I've got the time.
top right corner, click the delta symbol.
Copy the embed.

Thanks for this video, Batya.
How tragic that so many of Israel's worthless politicians work for everyone by haShem.
He will settle the score with them soon.
Thank God for bold Caroline.

Batya said...


Why just men?

Marcel Cousineau said...

Why just men?

You ask a tough question.

Nili is a good example of 1 woman standing alone against an army of black booted state thugs who serve Camp David's (America's) evil plan.

Her BRAVE stand should ALWAYS be remembered and memorialized across Israel forever and ever.

Batya said...

This week's Haftara, too. And the Shiloh story....